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Karen Jean Meech -- Chile 2000

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Imagine "working" in an environment where it looks like the pictures below during the day, and where your vista is like the banner above at night - and imagine getting paid to do this . . . .

The Chilean altiplano - at La Silla during the spring of 2000 (Nov) while I was there as a visiting senior scientist. Yes, I did take time out to go hiking and enjoy the beauty!

The Atacama desert in N. Chile -- one of the most barren, remote spots I have ever been on Earth. It looked like the moon -- for 100's of km. There were no plants, no signs of life, and very few surface rocks.

The Atacama desert as the last rays of sunlight fall upon it before the splendor of thenight -- just before a night of observing.

The Atacama desert at sunrise from the Paranal Observatory.

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