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Karen Jean Meech -- Hawaii

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Scenes from my own "back yard" -- exploring my state of Hawaii

Now that it is over, I look back fondly on the hike to the Puuoo vent on the big island of Hawaii . . . It was a hellish hike physically, crashing through fresh lava, and braving sulfur fumes, to picnic on a ledge over molten lava which was gone the next month......

Diving companions - Palau / Hawaii. I can often snorkle with these beautiful creatures while kayaking in Kealakakua Bay on the big island.

While hiking devastation trail near Kileaua Volcano on the big island, a rare view of the summit of Mauna Kea was visible.

Halemaumau lava pond in the volcanoes national park on the big island. Photo taken as part of a trip to hike the park, explore the green (olivine) sand beaches at south point, and enjoy the Kona side of the island.

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