How to Join Commission 51 and the IAU

Any IAU member who is interested in becoming a member of Commission 51 should write or email the President of the Commission with a brief note regarding his/her interest in the work of the Commission.

The applicant will be provisionally accepted for membership and will thereafter be sent all communications. The application will be forwarded to the Organising Committee and formal approval of the application will be made at the Commission business meeting at the following IAU General Assembly.

Applications for membership in the IAU are invited about a year before each General Assembly (the next General Assembly is in 2006), through the national Adhering Organizations. In the US, application forms are provided in the AAS Newsletter. Normally, minimum requirements are a Ph.D. plus 2-3 years experience in astronomical research resulting in a few publications in refereed journals, but it is up to the US National Committee to prioritize the applications they receive before making their proposals for membership to the IAU.

The IAU Secretariat's mailing (and email) address is:

Institut d'Astrophysique
98bis, bd. Arago
F-75014 Paris (France)
Tel: (33) 143258358
Fax: (33) 143252616
E-mail: iau@iap.fr

The IAU homepage is http://www.iau.org

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Page last updated 9 Nov. 2004
Please e-mail any questions or comments to IAU Commission 51