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This website has been constructed by Michael J. Polashenski in partial fulfillment of ASTR 699 - Topics in Astronomy Education at the University of Hawaii under the direction of Professor Karen Meech during the summer of 2001.

An investigation of the history of telescopes and their construction was undertaken. A brief report on this history with ideas for use in the physics classroom can be found by clicking on the "Telescope History" link to your left.

A variety of high school activities are also being designed and tested. some of these activities will utilize a 10" Dobsonian telescope awarded by the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Click the "High School Activities" link on the left for further details.

Numerous websites have been explored regarding the history of astronomy, astronomy education, and astronomical equipment for high school use. Brief annotations and links to these sites can also be found by clicking on the relevant links to the left.

Last modified: July 17, 2001
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