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Year Committee Wkload Description
1997-99 Faculty Advisory Committee 4 hr/mo Advice to Director, IfA operations
1996 Astronomy Personel Sub-Committee 30 hr/yr Prepare files for tenure/promotion candidates
1996-98 Graduate Admissions Committee 80 hr/yr Reviews graduate admission applications. Also served 1992-93
1997-99 IfA Fundraising Cmte 30 hrs Work with UH Foundation on prospects
1996-97 Telescope Allocation procedure revision committee 40 hr Review TAC procedures
1993-94 Parrent Fellowship Committee 20 hrs/yr Chair; review applications for postdoctoral position
1992-93 Scientific Staff Screening Committee 20 hr Evaluate new staff applications
1991-93 Computer Advisory Comittee 2 hr/mo Chair - prepared report on impact of large CCD arrays at IfA
1991 Arcs Scholarship Committee 20 hr Evaluate scholarship applications

University of Hawaii

1999-00 Director Search Cmte 75 hrs Review apps for Director of IfA
1995-97 Local Org Cmte - Mtg Meteoritical Society 1 hr/mo Help with organization of meeting
1995-97 Faculty Senate 4-5 hr/mo Elected
1995-97 UH Cmte on Prof. Matters 50 hrs Response to Auditor's Rpt on Fac. Workload
1990-93 University Research Council 5 hr/mo Review of Fac. Travel, Seed money and Matching Funds applications

Professional - External

1997-00 Bishop Museum-NASA Explorers Advisory Team 200 hrs Ideas, review and consultation for development of 2 planetarium shows
1996-98 NASA Keck MOWG 100 hrs/yr
+ 200 hrs
Advice to NASA about operations of 2 telescopes: NASA IRTF and Keck, produced report on science use of IRTF
1996-98 Division of Planetary Sciences Committee 60 hrs/yr Governing committee for membership (1500)
1995-97 Annie Jump Cannon Award Committee (AAUW) 40 hrs/yr Review of Candidates, recommendation for prize winners, chair from '96
1993-96 NASA Planetary Science Data Steering Group, PSDSG 40 hr/yr Oversite & rec for archiving of NASA Spacecraft data
1996-00 Local Chair for 1999 Bioastronomy Mtg editor of proceedings 2000 hrs Produce meeting, on science org cmte, produce proceedings
1993-96 Local Organizing Chair for 1995 DPS Meeting 1500 hrs All logistics for a scientific meeting of 700 on big island; also on science committee
1991-94 Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory User's Committee 50 hrs / yr Review of Observatory programs, interface between mgmt and users
1994-94 Space Telescope Time Allocation Committee 80 hrs Review proposals for the special Shoemaker-Levy 9 campaign
1993-94 NASA Planetary Astronomy Committee (PAC-II) 40 hrs Forward look at direction of NASA programs
1990-91 NASA Planetary Astronomy Review Panel 100 hrs / yr Review of requests for funding for the Planetary Astronomy pgm

Community / Outreach

1995-96 Eisenhower Math and Science Teacher Conference 20 hrs Hands-on Presentations for Teacher enhancement, Maui
1991 USIS - Spanish Tele-Education in Honduras 10 hrs Part of a cultural Affairs program managed by USIA spanish videotaped lecture series and live classroom telecon

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