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The governor thinks that faculty at UH shouldn't get raises because we don't do enough "work". This impression is because we are not in the classroom 40 hrs weekly (but are legislators in session 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year??). At the Insitute for Astronomy, a reasearch institute of the University, our primary mission is research. Those who teach have a 25% teaching appointment and 75% research appointment.

When I teach 1 class during a semester, for 3 hours of contact with the students there are 10 hrs of preparation time (even for courses taught before), and a few more hrs for consultation & grading. This is about 27% of my work effort. I ought to be spending 75% on research. However, one needs to write grants for this research and write reports on those grants (5-10% work effort), and one needs to mentor and interact with postdocs and gradstudents (I have 3 in total, say 3-5 hours per week - another 12% of my time). Then there are "service" activities - which range from outreach (which for me is over 500 hours per year - another 30% work effort), IfA and UH committees, national and international committees - probably another 25-30% of effort. I am forgetting a couple important categories - UH administration (paperwork - at least 15%) and interruptions (10%). This translates to nearly a 210% work effort - or an 85 hr week, averaged over the year. This is about right - except that I get nowhere near 75% of a week (30 hours) time on research! I must have underestimated my service.

At any rate, I can see the governor's point, clearly the faculty are not working hard enough..... Below are current service activites.

Institute for Astronomy

Year Committee Wkload Description
2001-Pres Faculty Research Committee 50 hr/yr Establish Merit Pay raise guidelines / evaluation
1999-now Grad Rsch Oversight Group (GROG) 40 hr/yr Advisor group for IfA grad students
1996-now Library Committee 4 hr/yr Advisory to IfA Librarian: budgets, purchases etc. Chair '98-'99
1999-now IfA Openhouse Cmte 30 hrs Planning for openhse, design & produce t-shirts
1995-now Coffee committee 3 hr/wk Daily clean of espresso machine, buy supplies, monthly billing

University of Hawaii

Year Committee Wkload Description
1996-now PSRD Ed Advisory Board 2 hr/mo Review internet science articles for educators
1990-Pres UH Physics/IfA A/V 15 hr/yr Acquisition of equipment & materials for the UH Astronomy teaching program.

Professional - External

Year Committee Wkload Description
2001 Telescope Allocation Committee 100 hr Chair
2001-pres Comets II SOC TBD Scientific Org. Cmte of the new Univ. of Arizona Series Book
2001-2004 Astronomical Society of the Pacific Board of Directors 40 hrs/yr  
2001-pres National Research Council 60 hr Planetary Decadal Study - Mars Panel
2001-now Working Group on Extra-Solar Planets 10 hrs/yr Advice to IAU
2000-now Local Org. Cmte mem - Bioast '02 1 hr/mo Consultant for '02 Mtg in Australia
1997-now IAU Comm. 15 Org. Cmte 5 hr/yr Governing cmte for members - Small Bodies
2000-now IAU Comm. 51 Org. Cmte 10 hr/yr Governing cmte for members - Bioastronomy
2000-now IAUComm. 51 Vice Pres 10 hr/yr To become president 2002
1998-now COMPLEX member 150 hrs/yr Advises Space Studies Board on planetary system studies; generates reports
1998-01 US National Committee - International Astronomical Union 30 hrs/yr Induction of new members, international issues for US
1993-now Reviewer for CONICYT 10 hr/yr Reviewer of proposals in spanish for Uruguayan Sci. Ministry - El Ministerio de Educacion y Cultura Consejo Nacional de Inv....

Community / Outreach

2001 Bishop Museum Program Development Group 40 hrs Program Development for the Bishop Museum Makai Facility
2001-pres Kamehameha School Ed Consortium 10 hr/yr entities in Hawaii interested in Astronomy education for Native Hawaiians
1998-now Bishop Museum Affiliate    
1995-now Member, Board of Directors, Kilo Lokahi 5 hr/yr Non-Profit Corporation for Cultural Astronomy in Hawaii
1993-04 TOPS Educational Outreach Workshops - Director 700 hrs/yr 3 wk Summer program for Top Highschool teachers / students
1992-now Hawaii State Science Fair Judge 10 hrs/yr Sr. Judge at final fair in April
1989-now Rice University Alumni Interviewer 10 hrs/yr Personal interviews of student applicants

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