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Karen Jean Meech -- Slovakia 1998, Alaska 1990

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In 1998 I visited Eastern Europe for the first time. Motivated by attending a scientific meeting, this was a wonderful opportunity to explore some truly beautiful mountains!

Also included here are a couple images from another memorable mountain trip - this time with my sister. We went trekking in Alaska for a week and got a close up look at some magnificent wildlife.

The high Tatras mountains in eastern Slovakia. The area is fairly close to the Polish boarder in the North. Although summer, the air was cool and sweet smelling, and the scenery spectacular.

Enroute from Austria to eastern Slovakia via train. It was on this trip that I was to meet my current postdoc -- later to hire her!

We got really lucky and had a rare clear day to see Denali (Mt. McKinley).

Along the way, we got up close and personal with a wild wolf, saw a dozen brown bears from a distance, many moose and other wildlife.....

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