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Below is a listing of the courses I've developed and taught since coming to UH in 1987.

Course Semester # Description
Ast 281 S04 S07 S08 S09 S10 S11 S13 S14 S15 S16 17 Astrobiology
Ast 630 S93 S09 17 The Solar System
Ast 740 S05 S06 S07 S08 S09 2 Astrobiology Seminar
Ast 734 F04   Astrobiology Seminar
Ast 399 S04 5 Introduction to Observational Astrophysics
Ast 110 S88 S89 F91 S96 505 Survey of Astronomy
Ast 281 F89 F90 F91 F93 F96 F97 S99 S00 S01 S02 190 Space Exploration
Syllabus S01
Textbook is being developed
Ast 140 S95 11 Foundations of Astronomy
Ast 699 All 13 Directed Research (graduate students)
Ast 734 S91 10 Graduate Comet Seminar
Ast 800 All 2 Graduate Dissertation Research
EDCI 582I S93-95 120 TOPS Workshop
TECS 583P S99-04 250 TOPS Workshop

In addition to the formal courses listed above, I have supported and worked with the following postdoctoral fellows:

Postdoc Dates Project Background, Current
Olivier Hainaut 1994-7 Comet Recovery
Distant Comets
Ph.D. - University of Liege, Belgium
European Southern Observatory - NTT Team Leader
Mark Metzger 1994-5 CCD Wide Field Camera Project Ph.D. - MIT
Faculty, Caltech
Jana Pittichova 1999- Comet Missions Ph.D. - Univ. Bratislava, Slovakia
Yanga Fernandez 1999-2001 Comet Nuclei Ph.D. - Univ. Maryland
Audrey Delsanti 2005-2006 Comet Nuclei, KBOs Ph.D. - Univ. Paris
Timm Riesen 2008- Mass spec, comets Ph.D. - Univ. Bern, Switzerland

Below is a list of Graduate Thesis students advised

Student Dates Thesis Current
Tony Farnham 1991-6 Modelling Cometary Dust Tails with a Pseudo-Finson Probstein Technique PDS Staff, Univ. Maryland
Charles Budney 1995-8 Compositions & Structure of the Lunar Maria (Cmte only)  
Gerbs Bauer 1998-2003 Centaurs Surface Properties JPL Fellow, Bonnie Buratti
Karl Hibbits 1999-2002 Surfaces of Icy Satellites (Cmte only)  
Luke Dundon 2003- Phaethon: Comet and Asteroid Transition Objects  
Sarah Sonnett 2008- TBD  

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