Astrobiology Seminar: Spring 2014

Monday's 3:00-4:00pm in Physical Science Building 211 (seminar room of the Astrobiology Institute)
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# Date Speaker Topic Note
1 Jan 13 no seminar - Winterschool
2 Jan 20 no seminar - MLK Day
3 Jan 27      
4 Feb 03 Norbert Schorghofer Water on Mercury and the Moon  
5 Feb 10 Rich Gazan Visualizing Interdisciplinary Science  
6 Feb 17 no seminar - President's Day
  Feb 20 Michal Drahus (Caltech) The Mega Outburst of Comet Holmes Thu
7 Feb 24 Simon North (TexasAM) Roaming in the Dark: Solving the Complex Atmospheric Photochemistry of the Nitrate Radical  
8 Mar 03 Lydia Hallis The Origin of Earth and Mars Water: Hydrogen Isotope Ratios  
9 Mar 10 Jeff Gillis-Davis Explaining the Sulfur Depletion on Eros and Why S-type asteroids Space Weather More Like Mercury than V-type asteroids  
10 Mar 17 no seminar - LPSC week
  Mar 24 no seminar - Spring Break
11 Mar 31 Larry Denneau Observational Evidence for Spin-Up as the Dominant Source of Catastrophic Disruption of Small Main Belt Asteroids  
12 Apr 07 Hsin-Fang Chiang Submillimeter Observations of Embedded Protostars  
13 Apr 14 William Welsh (SDSU) Circumbinary Planets in the Habitable Zone  
14 Apr 21 Grieg Steward Tracking Tiny Giants to the Edge of Life  
15 Apr 28 Bo Reipurth Freefloating Planets  
16 May 05 Robinson, Gasda, Ansdell Current Research by Graduate Students  

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