Astrobiology Seminar: Fall 2013

Monday's 3:00-4:00pm in Physical Science Building 211 (seminar room of the Astrobiology Institute)
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# Date Speaker Topic Note
1 Aug 26 Ian S. Morrison Efficient interstellar communications and implications for SETI  
2 Sep 02 no seminar - Labor Day
3 Sep 09 Karen Meech Comet C/2012 ISON - Comet of the Century?  
4 Sep 16 Alexandre B. Souza Processing of frozen surfaces in the solar system: Enceladus
5 Sep 23 Huei-Ting Lin Biogeochemistry of basement fluids from the sediment-buried Juan de Fuca Ridge Flanks
6 Sep 30 Sara Rutter Managing your data for re-use, discoverability, and citations  
7 Oct 07 Kim Binsted The next three HI-SEAS missions: crew roles and cohesion over long durations?  
8 Oct 14 Rich Gazan & Lisa Miller Document clustering and visualization to support interdisciplinary collaboration  
9 Oct 21 Anthony Amend The molds that grow where no man has gone before: how biogeographic theory can put microbes on the map  
- Oct 23 Dennis Bodewits Vermin of the solar system: Swift observations of comets and asteroids Wed
10 Oct 28 Jilly, Khayat, Gowanlock Current research by graduate students  
11 Nov 04 Surajit Maity Reflectron time-of-flight mass spectroscopic detection of complex organic molecules in astrophysically relevant ices exposed to ionization radiation 3:15
12 Nov 11 no seminar - Veteran's day
13 Nov 18 Patricia Doyle Early onset of aqueous alteration  
14 Nov 25 Andrew Turner Toward the synthesis of alkylphosphonic acids and their role in astrobiology
15 Dec 02 Timm Riesen Short ISON update & Tools for handling and archiving data  
16 Dec 09 James Stephenson The first functional amino acid alphabet  

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