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COSMIC (Carnegie Observatories Spectroscopic Multislit and Imaging Camera) is a high throughput imaging camera and multiobject spectrograph built by Alan Dressler, Bill Kells, and Anand Sivaramakrishnan (OCIW) for the prime focus of the Palomar 200-inch Hale telescope. It has two user modes: (1) direct imaging and (2) imaging and spectroscopy through reimaging optics. The choice of either mode is made by the PI on the green sheet in advance of the run, and cannot be changed during a night. The instrument can also be mounted on the 60-inch telescope at the Cassegrain focus for direct imaging only.

The instrument rides in the prime focus cage atop an instrument mounting base with the filter wheel, shutter and guider camera. The robotic functions are controlled by a PC clone 486i microprocessor-based computer along with a Sparc workstation running UNIX as the user-interface. On-line quick-look analysis is done using the IRAF software package.


Roy Gal