The Future of the Palomar 48"

The final plates for the Second Palomar Obervatory Sky Survey (POSS-II) were taken in the spring of 2000. The Palomar 48" Oschin telescope will now be completely modernized, equipped with modern electronic pointing and guiding systems. The focal plane will be outfitted with new CCD-based detectors. Initially, a team from JPL's Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) group will install an array of 3 4096x4096 pixel detectors, covering a field 1.1° on a side - only a small fraction of the telescope's 6.6° by 6.6° field. In collaboration with Yale astronomers, an enormous array, consisting of 112 2400x600 pixel arrays is being constructed, covering the entire curved focal plane with an astounding 162 million pixels.