Current DPOSS Status

The POSS-II has been completed. Unfortunately, approximately 30 N plates could not be taken.
Congrats and thanks to the dedicated observers.

As you can see from the tables below, all of the sky has been imaged at Palomar, in the J and F bands, and approximately 95% in the N band.

Number of J catalogs: 737
Number of F catalogs: 734
Number of N catalogs: 710
Number of JFN triplets: 704
Number of JF doublets: 732

For a complete listing of processed fields, click HERE

For a map of processed fields (PostScript), click HERE.

Number of J scans:    897 (100%)
Number of F scans:    897 (100%)
Number of N scans:    872 (97%)
Number of JF scans:    897
Number of JFN scans:    872

For a complete listing of scanned plates, click HERE

Number of J plates:    897
Number of F plates:    897
Number of N plates:    872

Updated 28 January 2002