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UH 2.2-meter telescope  

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University of Hawaii 2.2-meter telescope
Observer information

The 2.2 meter telescope can be operated on-site, from the Hilo remote observing room, or from the Manoa remote observing room. Polycom video-conferencing equipment is available at each site for communications with the telescope operator.

Imaging Instruments

  • Tektronix 2048x2048 CCD camera
    • 7.5x7.5 arcmin field of view
    • 0.22 arcsec pixels (24 microns)
    • U*BVRIz filters
  • Optic CCD camera
    • Two 2048x4096 Orthogonal Transfer CCDs
    • 9.3x9.3 arcmin field-of-view
    • 0.14 arcsec pixels (15 microns)
    • U*BVRIz filters
    • Available approximately 6 months per year (also used at WIYN telescope)
    • User Manual
    • OTCOM guide

Spectroscopic Instruments

  • Wide Field Grism Spectrograph 2
  • Supernova Integral Field Spectrogaph (SNIFS)
    • 6x6 arcsec field of view
    • 225 samples, each of 0.4x0.4 arcsec via microlens array
    • blue spectrograph module for 320 nm to 560 nm, with R=1000 at 430 nm
    • red spectrograph module for 520 nm to 1000 nm, with R=1300 at 760 nm
    • operation and data reduction are complex, and collaboration with a member of the nearby supernova factory team is recommended
    • more information

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