University of Hawaii 2.2-meter Telescope

Request for Proposals for a new Telescope Control System


The University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy seeks a new telescope control system (TCS) to enable fully robotic operation of the University of Hawaii 2.2-meter telescope. The software and hardware components of this work will upgrade a roughly 20 year old system. This page provides links to information for parties interested in proposing to do the work. The Request for Proposals (see link below) contains information on what the proposals must cover and the process to submit proposals. Any questions should be directed to the Contacts listed in the RfP.


Additional General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will contain answers to common questions regarding the TCS and RfP.

A. RfP and Proposals

A1: Can quotes be in a currency other than US Dollars?

Price quotes should be in US dollars.

A2: Is it possible to require modifications of some articles in Attachment B - General Conditions for Services Agreements.pdf ? If yes, shall we discuss them before submitting the proposal, or shall we propose the modifications in the proposal only?

Modifications to articles in Attachment B may be considered and should be Included with proposal for negotiation of Agreement for Services

A3: Is there anyone on-site that we can talk to or is it possible to visit in advance of the proposal submission?

No. All provided information needs to be distributed to all bidders. In addition an on-site visit is prohibitive given the travel restrictions to Hawaii.

A4. On-site installation - Should the on-site installation of the new hardware, software deployment and TCS commissioning on the telescope included in the scope of work?

Yes. See also C1 below

A5. TCS - Software

B. Telescope Systems

B0: Are there interface control documents?

Unfortunately we do not have interface control documents. A brief layout of the system is provided in the UH88 Overview document available above

B1: Are there photos/drawings of various telescope subsystems? Please tell us more about the following mechanisms and interfaces.

Unfortunately as-built drawings are not available for most subsystems. We have some mechanical assembly drawings but these are often not as built and date from 1968. Relevant drawings and photos are provided in this zipped archive. These contain photos of some of the following components:

B2. Current state of systems

C. Installation/On-site work

C1. On-site deployment: Could you please clarify if the installation of the new hardware, software deployment and TCS commissioning on the telescope is included in the scope of work? If yes, what will be the state of the telescope at arrival on-site and is there some limitation of access to the telescope.

Installation of the hardware, software, and TCS verification/commissioning should be included in the scope of work. We expect that initial installation will be done while the telescope is still being used for night time observations (with the old system) and that engineering down-time will be scheduled around the final integration and testing. During this latter period no science observations will be done during that time.

C2. Does the installation work require removal of substantial existing wiring?

Yes. Wiring from the CSR to the Observatory floor will need to be removed and replaced with new wiring. This will need to be done in close coordination with the UH telescope crew.

C3. Are HI-State Licensed Contractors needed for the work?

C3. Lodging, transportation during installation

2020 August 06

M. Chun