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Colloquium talks before June 1997

This page contains Stephi's list of talks before June '97 going back to '92

5/7/97  	Francis Bernardeau, Centre d'Études de Saclay: "Weak 
Lensing Statistics as a Probe of Omega and Power Spectrum"

5/6/97  	Marc Davis, UC - Berkeley: "Cosmic Velocity Fields 
and their Interpretation"

5/2/97  	Jochen Eisloffel, Institute for Astronomy: 
"Molecular Outflows from Young Stars"

4/18/97  	Karl Glazebrook, Anglo-Australian Observatory: 
"2DF_Giant Surveys with the AAT's New Wide Field Prime Focus 
Fiber Spectrograph"

4/7/97  	Magda Arnaboldi, Astronomical Observatory of 
Capodimonte: "The Dynamics of the Outer Halos of Ellipticals"

4/7/97  	Jason Prochaska, UC - San Diego: "The Kinematics of 
the Damped Lyman Alpha Protogalaxies"

4/4/97  	Bob Joseph, Institute for Astronomy: "Highlights 
from the ISO Mission: 1979 to 1997"

3/21/97  	Peter Bryant, Institute for Astronomy: "Massive 
Molecular Cores in Merging Luminous Infrared Galaxies"

3/14/97  	David Lambert, University of Texas: "Analysis of 
Stellar Endgames - The Chemical Compositions of RV Tauri and R 
Coronae Borealis Variables and Sakurai's Object"

3/12/97  	R.C. Nichol, Carnegie Mellon University: "The Sloan 
Digital Sky Survey"

2/28/97  	Avishai Dekel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
UC - Santa Cruz: "Measuring Omega: Is the Universe Bound?"

2/21/97  	Amy Barger, Institute for Astronomy: "The Evolution 
of Galaxies in Rich Clusters to z=0.5 using HST"

2/7/97  	Nick Kaiser, CITA, University of Toronto: "Weak 
Lensing Results"

2/7/97  	Pascale Ehrenfreund, Leiden Observatory: 
"Interstellar Gas and Dust: New ISO Observations"

2/6/97  	Bernard Foing, European Space Agency: "Fullerenes in 

1/31/97  	Dmitri Pogosian, CITA, University of Toronto: 
"Cosmic Web Theory"

1/24/97  	Harald Ebeling, Institute for Astronomy: "X-Ray 
Selected Samples of Clusters of Galaxies -A Subjective Review 
of the ROSAT Mission"

1/22/97  	Eric Becklin, UCLA: "SOFIA^×the Stratospheric 
Observatory for Infrared Astronomy"

1/10/97  	Tom Greene, Institute for Astronomy: "Near-IR 
Spectroscopy and the Evolutionary Status of Very Young Stars"

12/13/96  	Shri Kulkarni, Caltech: "Discovery of a Really Cool 
Brown Dwarf"

12/9/96  	Stephen Zepf, UC - Berkeley: "Mergers, Starbursts, 
and the Formation of Elliptical Galaxies"

12/5/96  	Luke Keller, University of Texas at Austin: 
"Fabrication and Testing of an Etched Silicon Immersion Echelle 
for Use in the Near IR"

12/4/96  	Adam Stanford, LLNL: "Moderate-Redshift Galaxy 

12/2/96  	Steven Saar, Harvard-Smithsonian: "New Infrared 
Measurements of Magnetic Fields in Cool Stars using the IRTF 

11/25/96  	John Bally, University of Colorado: "Parsec Scale 
Herbig-Haro Jets and YSO Disks"

11/15/96  	Walter Gear, Joint Astronomy Centre: "SCUBA: 
Astrophysics at 0.1K"

11/8/96  	Renu Malhotra, Lunar and Planetary Institute: "The 
Kuiper Belt: Implications for the Solar System"

11/1/96  	Jerome Bouvier, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope: "A 
Diffraction-Limited Survey of Low-Mass Binaries in the Pleiades 

10/31/96  	Anne Dutrey, ?: "mm Properties of Protoplanetary 
Disks around TTauri stars in Taurus''

10/18/96  	Craig Hogan, University of Washington: "The Hydrogen 
and Helium Lyman-alpha Forests"

10/14/96  	Claus Leitherer, Space Telescope Science Institute: 
"Star Formation at Low and High Redshift"

10/11/96  	Michael Rauch, California Institute of Technology: 
"New Constraints on Galaxy Formation and Cosmology from QSO 
Absorption Systems"

9/27/96  	Roland Meier, Institute for Astronomy: "Cometary 

9/20/96  	Brent Tully, Institute for Astronomy: "Bimodality of 
Freeman's Law?"

9/6/96  	Klaus Hodapp, Institute for Astronomy: "The Gemini 
Near Infrared Imager: Scientific Goals and Technical 

8/30/96  	Jarita Holbrook, University of California - Santa 
Cruz: "GL 2136: Near-Infrared Spectral Imaging of the 3.08 
micron Water Ice Absorption Feature"

8/27/96  	Romeel Dave', University of California - Santa Cruz: 
"Comparing Simulations to Observations of the Lyman Alpha 

4/25/96  	Philippe Andre, Service d'Astrophysique: "Millimeter 
Continuum Observations of Protostellar Cores"

4/18/96  	Constantine P. Deliyannis, Yale University: "A Need 
to Reconsider the Lithium and D+3He Constraints for Big Bang 

4/10/96  	Michal Simon, SUNY - Stony Brook: "Astrophysics of 
Young Star Binaries"

3/8/96  	Yoshiaki Taniguchi, Tohoku University: "Binary Black 
Hole Engines in Active Galactic Nuclei"

3/4/96  	Janna Levin, University of California, Berkeley: 
"Chaos, Fractals and Inflation"

3/1/96  	Kip Thorne, Caltech: "Gravitational Waves:  a New 
Window on the Universe"

2/16/96  	Hy Spinrad, University of California, Berkeley: "How 
Old Can a Distant Galaxy Be?"

2/9/96  	Olivier R. Hainaut, Institute for Astronomy: 
"Observing Distant Comets: Why and How"

2/2/96  	Kathy Roth, Institute for Astronomy: "Relating the 
Absorption Signatures of High-Redshift QSO Absorbers to Local 

1/23/96  	John Stocke, University of Colorado: "The Local Ly 
Alpha Forest: Association of Clouds with Superclusters and 

1/19/96  	George Lake, University of Washington: "Galaxy 

1/5/96  	Michael R. Meyer, Max-Planck Institut für 
Astronomie: "Emergent Mass Distributions of Deeply Embedded 
Young Clusters"

12/11/95  	Hugh Jones, Liverpool John Moores University: 
"Lithium Detection in a Field Brown Dwarf Candidate"

12/4/95  	Jacqueline Van Gorkom, Columbia University: "The 
Evolution of Galaxies in Different Environments"

12/1/95  	John Tonry, MIT: "The SBF Survey, H0, and Large 
Scale Flows"

11/28/95  	Andrea Ghez, University of California, Los Angeles: 
"High Resolution Imaging and the Study of Young Stars"

11/21/95  	Krzysztof Gorski, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: 
"Power Spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy 
in the COBE-DMR Maps and Its Implications for the Cosmological 
Theories of Structure Formation"

11/17/95  	William Hoffmann, Steward Observatory: "MIRAC2, a 
Mid Infrared Array Camera for Astronomy"

11/13/95  	George H.  Fisher, UC Berkeley: "The Dynamics of 
Magnetic Flux Tubes in the Solar Convection Zone"

11/9/95  	Adam S. Burrows, University of Arizona: "Recent 
Theoretical and Observational Advances in the Study of Brown 
Dwarfs and Extra-Solar Giant Planets"

11/3/95  	Dale P. Cruikshank, NASA Ames Research Center: "The 
Ices of Triton and Pholus"

10/25/95  	Alex Pevtsov, Institute for Astronomy: "Solar 
Magnetic Fields: the Helicity Challenge"

10/9/95  	Pawel Artymowicz, Stockholm Observatory: "Planetary 
Systems around Beta Pictoris-Type Stars?"

10/6/95  	Gerry A. Luppino, Institute for Astronomy: 
"Gravitational Lensing in High Redshift Clusters"

9/26/95  	Andy Connolly, Johns Hopkins University: "The 
Distribution of Galaxies through Multicolor Space"

9/22/95  	Karen A. Meech, Institute for Astronomy: "Distant 
Comet Observations^×Unlocking the Early Solar System"

9/21/95  	Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, University of California, San 
Diego: "The APM Lyman Limit and Damped Lyman-a System Surveys"

9/20/95  	Doug Simons, Gemini Telescope Project: "Gemini 
Project Update^×Instrumentation to Operations"

9/15/95  	Harold Levison, SWRI: "The Dynamics of the Kuiper 
Belt in Relation to the Origin of Comets"

9/8/95  	George Herbig, Institute for Astronomy: "IC 349: 
Barnard's Merope Nebula"

7/21/95  	Bohdan Paczynski, Princeton Observatory: 
"Gravitational Microlensing and the Search for Dark Matter"

7/6/95  	Cesare Barbieri, University of Padova: "Telescopio 

6/5/95  	Mark Dickinson, STScI: "Cluster Ellipticals at High 
Redshift: the View from the Ground and HST"

5/26/95  	Roger V. Yelle, NASA Ames Research Center: "The New 

5/19/95  	Robert Kraft, University of California, Santa Cruz: 
"Abundance Variations Among Globular Cluster Stars:  New 
Progress, New Puzzles"

5/15/95  	Steve Stahler, University of California, Berkeley: 
"The Luminosity Functions of Embedded Clusters"

5/12/95  	Nicholas Kaiser, Anglo Australian Observatory: "Dark 
Matter from Gravitational Lensing"

5/8/95  	Guinevere Kauffmann, Max-Planck Institut für 
Astronomie: "Dark Matter, Gas and Stars: a Cook's Guide to 
Galaxy Formation"

5/5/95  	Simon White, Max-Planck Institut für Astronomie: 
"Structure and Formation of Galaxy Clusters"

4/28/95  	George Djorgovski, Caltech: "Fundamental Plane 
Correlations as a Probe of Formation and Evolution of 
Elliptical Galaxies"

4/24/95  	Adam Burrows, University of Arizona: "On the Nature 
of Core Collapse Supernovae"

4/11/95  	Joel R. Primack, University of California, Santa 
Cruz: "Cosmological Implications of Light Neutrinos: Cold + Hot 
Dark Matter and Large Scale Structure"

4/6/95  	Glenn S. Orton, Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "The 
Collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter:  an 
Observational Perspective"

3/30/95  	Benjamin Zuckerman, University of California, Los 
Angeles: "Jupiters and Brown Dwarfs:  Where Are They?"

3/23/95  	Alar Toomre, MIT: "What Happened to M51 and M81?"

3/17/95  	Ralf Bender, : "Constraints on the Formation of 
Elliptical and S0 Galaxies from Their Absorption Line 

3/9/95  	Gibor Basri, University of California, Berkeley: 
"Keck HIRES at the Bottom of the Main Sequence"

3/3/95  	Arthur M. Wolfe, University of California, San 
Diego: "Evolution of Neutral Gas and Metal Content of Galaxies 
at 0 < z < 4"

2/17/95  	Mark Metzger, Institute for Astronomy: "The 
Structure of the Stellar Galactic Disk"

2/10/95  	Michael S. Turner, University of Chicago/Fermilab: 
"Dark Matter in the Universe"

1/26/95  	Douglas Richstone, University of Michigan: "The 
Formation of Clusters of Galaxies and the Cosmic Mean Density"

1/10/95  	Andrew S. Wilson, University of Maryland/STScI: 
"Galaxy Mergers and the Origin of Radio Galaxies"

12/19/94  	Tim Abbott, ESO: "CCD Prophylaxis at ESO, La Silla"

12/16/94  	John Carpenter, Institute for Astronomy: "Star 
Formation in the Gem OB1 Complex"

12/12/94  	Charles Lada, SAO: "The Evolution of Infrared 
Luminosity Functions of Young Embedded Star Clusters"

12/2/94  	Michel Mayor, Geneva Observatory: "Binaries in the 
Globular Cluster Omega Centaurus"

11/21/94  	Russ Lavery, Iowa State University: "HST 
Observations of the Tucana Dwarf Galaxy"

11/18/94  	William Vacca, Institute for Astronomy: "Morphology 
and Stellar Content of Wolf-Rayet Galaxies"

11/10/94  	J. Christopher Mihos, University of California, 
Santa Cruz: "Merger-Induced Starbursts and Ultraluminous 
Infrared Galaxies"

10/28/94  	Timothy C. Beers, Michigan State University: 
"Kinematics of Metal-Poor Stars in the Galaxy"

10/21/94  	Lennox L. Cowie, Institute for Astronomy: 
"Observational Cosmology"

10/20/94  	Gerald Cecil, University of North Carolina: "Hot 
Shocked Gas along to Twisted Jets of NGC4258"

10/7/94  	Anatoly Klypin, New Mexico University: "Current 
Status of the Mixed Dark Matter Cosmological Model"

10/3/94  	Ana Campos, University of Durham: "The Redshift 
Distribution of Faint Field Blue Galaxies"

9/23/94  	Karl Glazebrook, IoA Cambridge: "HST Imaging of 
Faint Field Galaxies: Implications for Galaxy Evolution"

9/16/94  	John Hibbard, Institute for Astronomy: "The Fate of 
Gas in Merging Disk Galaxies"

8/24/94  	Howard K. C. Yee, University of Toronto: "The CNOC 
Cluster Redshift Survey: Evidence for Extended Dark Matter 

8/1/94  	A. Starobinsky, UJI Research Center: "How Many New 
Dimensionless Constants Are Needed to Describe the Universe?"

6/24/94  	Charles Lada, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory: 
"Mapping Dust Extinction and Molecular Cloud Structure with 
Infrared Array Cameras"

6/23/94  	Michael Meyer, University of Massachusetts: "The 
Stellar Populations of Deeply Embedded Young Clusters:  Near-
Infrared Photometry and Spectroscopy"

6/15/94  	David C. Black, Center for Advanced Space Studies: 
"The Scientific Relevance of Planetary System"

5/13/94  	Martin Cohen, Jamieson Science and Engineering: "A 
Powerful New Model for the Point Source Sky"

5/11/94  	Jane Charlton, Pennsylvania State University: 
"Lyman-Alpha Forest Clouds and the Intergalactic Medium"

5/6/94  	G. Helou, Caltech: "The Infrared Surface Brightness 
of Galaxies for Recent Results and Prospects"

4/29/94  	William McKinnon, University of Washington: 
"Planetesimals Embryons and Dwarfs in the Outer Solar System"

4/15/94  	Nicholas Scoville, Caltech: "Millimeterwave 
Interferometer Observations of High-Z Galaxies"

3/31/94  	Blair D. Savage, University of Wisconsin, Madison: 
"Recent Results from the HST Quasar Absorption Line Key 

3/24/94  	Sergei Shandarian, University of Kansas: "Theory of 
the Large-Scale Structure: Hierarchical Clustering vs 
Continuous Pancaking"

3/22/94  	Dainis Dravins, Lund Observatory: "The Distant 
Future of Solar Activity: a Case Study of Beta Hydri"

3/18/94  	Linda Tacconi, Max-Planck Institut für Astronomie : 
"The Obscuring Material in the Nucleus of NGC 1068"

3/15/94  	Peter Goldreich, ?: "Strong, Weak, and Interstellar 

3/10/94  	F. Roddier,  J. Graves, M. Northcott, J. 
Anuskiewicz, IfA Adaptive Optics Group: "Adaptive Optics at the 
IfA: Diffraction Limited Images at 1.2 and 1.6 Microns of Young 
Proto Planetary Systems in the Taurus Cloud as Well as Other 
Interesting Objects"

2/17/94  	Paul Vanden Bout, NRAO: "High Redshift CO Emission: 
Imaging the Formation of Galaxies"

2/16/94  	Carol Christian, Center for UV Astrophysics: "The 
National Information Infrastructure Testbed (NIIT) / Earth Data 
System Application"

2/16/94  	Stephen Murray, Smithsonian Astrophysical 
Observatory: "The Astrophysics Data System"

2/11/94  	Patrick Cassen, NASA Ames Research Center: "Solar 
Nebula Models and the Meteoritic Record"

2/7/94  	Christopher O'Dea, STScI: "The Search for Cold Gas 
in the Intracluster Medium"

2/3/94  	Arjun Dey, University of California, Berkeley: 
"Alignment Effect and the Evolution of Radio Galaxies"

1/28/94  	Andrei Linde, Stanford University: "Infrared 
Observation of Inflationary Cosmology"

1/21/94  	F. Bernardeau, CITA: "On the Theory of the Large 
Scale Structure Formation"

1/10/94  	Philippe Andre, Service d'Astrophysique: "Millimeter 
Continuum Observations of Protostars and Protostellar Stages"

1/7/94  	Scott Tremaine, CITA/McLennan Labs: "The Long Term 
Stability of Solar System Orbits"

12/14/93  	Nicholas Kaiser, CITA: "Mapping the Dark Matter in 
Galaxy Clusters"

12/10/93  	Edwin Ladd, Institute for Astronomy: "The Star 
Forming Character of Nearby Molecular Cloud Complexes"

12/7/93  	Jim Annis, Experimental Astrophysics Group, 
Fermilab: "The X-Ray Fundamental Plane of Clusters of Galaxies"

12/3/93  	Tim Brown, National Center for Atmospheric Research: 

12/2/93  	Wim van Driel, University of Tokyo: "Extreme IRAS 

11/19/93  	Sidney van den Bergh, Dominion Astrophysical 
Observatory: "What Are SO Galaxies?"

11/17/93  	David Schramm, University of Chicago: "The Solar 
Neutrino Situation: Solar Physics or Neutrino Physics?"

11/16/93  	Mike Carr, U.S. Geological Survey: "Mars: the First 
1/2 Bill Years"

11/12/93  	Richard McMahon, University of Cambridge: "The 
Discovery and Study of z 4 QSOs"

11/9/93  	Kim Griest, University of California, San Diego: 
"Possible Detection of Gravitational Microlensing of an LMC 

11/5/93  	Todd Boroson, Kitt Peak National Observatory: 
"Gemini 8-Meter Telescope Project"

10/29/93  	John Lacy, University of Texas: "Infrared 
Observations of Interstellar Molecules"

10/22/93  	Olivier Le Fevre, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope: 
"The First Results of the Canada-France Deep Redshift Survey of 
1000 Objects Down to I-22"

10/15/93  	John Kormendy, Institute for Astronomy: "HST 
Photometry of the Cores of Early-Type Galaxies"

9/29/93  	Robert Malaney, Canadian Institute for Astrophysics: 
"Making Mixed Dark Matter"

8/13/93  	Ralf Bender, : "Line of Sight Velocity Distribution 
& Isophote Shapes in Elliptical Galaxies"

7/2/93  	Paul Coleman, Kapteyn Institute: "Is the Universe 
Multi-Fractal? (And What Does that Mean?)"

6/28/93  	Suzanne Ramsey, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh: 
"Cooled Grating Spectrometer 4"

6/18/93  	Steve Vogt, University of California, Santa Cruz: 
"HIRES on the Keck Telescope"

6/17/93  	Roger Foster, Naval Research Laboratory: "Planets 
around Millisecond Pulsars"

6/16/93  	Jill Tarter, NASA Ames Research Center: "NASA's High 
Resolution Microwave Survey: on-Line at Last!"

5/12/93  	Conrad Wolfram, Wolfram Research: "Why Physicists 
and Plastic Surgeons Use Mathmatica"

5/7/93  	George Herbig, Institute for Astronomy: "The Diffuse 
Interstellar Bands: Some Recent Developments"

5/3/93  	Steve Eales, Canadian Institute for Theoretical 
Astrophysics: "High-Redshift Radiogalaxies: Old Galaxies or 

4/23/93  	Peter Gorham, University of Hawaii - Physics: 
"Detectors and Non-Detectors for Cosmological Relic Neutrinos"

4/16/93  	Tim Hawarden, : "The Edison Space Telescope"

4/2/93  	Nikos Prantzos, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris: 
"Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays, and LiBeb Isotopes in the Early 

3/29/93  	Ed Shaya, University of Maryland: "Space Telescope 
WV/PC Observation of ARP 220"

3/24/93  	Tod Lauer, Kitt Peak National Observatory: "The 
Motion of the Local Group: 15,000 Km/Sec to the Abell Cluster 

3/17/93  	Shrinvas Kulkarni, Caltech: "Pulsars: an Unexpected 
and New View of Globular Clusters"

3/17/93  	Tsevi Mazeh, Wise University: "A Radial Velocity 
Search for Brown Dwarfs as Low-Mass Companions of Nearby M 

3/16/93  	Ed Ajhar, National Optical Astronomy Observatories: 
"Globs of Globulars in the Milky Way and Virgo: Surface 
Brightness Fluctuations and Other Goodies"

3/12/93  	Francois Hammer, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope: 
"Arcs in Rich Distant Clusters: Cluster Mass Distribution and 
Background Sources"

3/4/93  	Patricia Vader, Space Telescope Science Institute: 
"Small Scale Clustering Properties of Dwarf Galaxies"

3/3/93  	E. F. Milone, University of Calgary: "Modern 
Approaches to Light Curve Analysis"

1/26/93  	Joseph Miller, Lick Observatory: "The Structure and 
Evolution of Active Galaxies and Quasars"

1/13/93  	Ue-Li Pen, Princeton University: "Cosmic Structure 
Formation and Microwave Anistropies from Global Topological 

12/17/92  	Jean-Phillipe Bernard, Radio Astronomy Laboratory: 
"Small Dust Particles in Molecular Clouds: Models and 

12/10/92  	Ned Ladd, Institute for Astronomy: "Peering into the 
Stellar Cradle: the Environment Surrounding Forming Stars"

12/3/92  	Fred Adams, University of Michigan: "The Current 
Theory of Star Formation"

12/1/92  	Katie Freese, University of Michigan: "The MAD Era: 
a New Solution to the Horizon, Flatness and Monopole Problems"

11/19/92  	Ed Lu, Institute for Astronomy: "Avalanches and 
Solar Flares"

10/15/92  	Lennox Cowie, Institute for Astronomy: "Faint Galaxy 

10/8/92  	David Jewitt, Institute for Astronomy: "Comets"

10/1/92  	John Kormendy, Institute for Astronomy: "A Critical 
Review of Stellar-Dynamical Evidence for Black Holes in Galaxy 

9/1/92  	Ann M. Boesgaard, Institute for Astronomy: "Tales 
from the First 5 Years 1967-1972"

6/12/92  	Yoel Rephaeli, Tel Aviv: "Theory and Significance of 
the Zeldovich-Sunayev Effect"

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