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   L = Lunchtime Seminar

Colloquia are held in the IfA Auditorium at 3:30 pm, with refreshments served at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted. Lunch talks are usually held in the IfA Auditorium at 12:30 pm. e-mail: Dave Sanders
             (Colloquium Chair) 

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Colloquia: Spring/Summer 2004

Fri 9 Jan  Ivan Hubeny NOAO, Tucson  Atmospheres and Spectra of Extrasolar Giant Planets 
Wed 14 Jan  Gary Fuller UMIST, Manchester  The Circumstellar Environment of High-Mass Protostellar Objects 
Fri 16 Jan  Phil Solomon SUNY Stony Brook  Dense Gas and Star Formation Rates in Galaxies 
Wed 21 Jan  Bob Becker U.C. Davis & LLNL  The Blue Quasar Conspiracy: Maybe We Need a Recount 
Fri 23 Jan  Bahram Mobasher STScI  First Science Results from GOODS 
Tu 27 Jan  Richard Ellis Caltech  Coffee  A z=7 Galaxy Strongly Lensed by the Rich Cluster Abell 2218: Exploring the Dark Ages 
Wed 4 Feb  Leo Blitz U.C. Berkeley  Dark Matter Density Distributions in Dwarf Galaxies 
Wed 11 Feb  Ed Cloutis University of Winnipeg  What Reflectance Spectroscopy can Tell us about Planetary Surfaces and their Evolution 
Fri 13 Feb  Justyn Maund Cambridge University  The Progenitors of Core-collapse Supernovae  
Wed 18 Feb  Kartik Sheth Caltech  Bars do NOT disappear at z > 0.7: NICMOS Deep Field Observations 
Fri 20 Feb  Ian Bryson UKATC, Edinburgh  Astronomical Instrumentation at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre 
Fri 20 Feb  Alexei Pevtsov National Solar Observatory  Solar magnetic Fields and their Helicity 
Tu 24 Feb  Gyula Szokoly MPE-Garching  The Diffuse X-ray Background 
Wed 25 Feb  Art McDonald Queens University, Canada  The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory: Enhanced neutrino flavor with a pinch of salt. 
Tu 2 Mar  Amiee Norton High Altitude Observatory, Boulder  The Dynamics of Magnetized Plasma in the Solar Interior and Atmosphere 
Wed 3 Mar  Don Brownlee Univ. of Washington  Stardust- a Sample Return Mission from a Jupiter Family Comet 
Fri 5 Mar  Ilia Roussev Univ. of Michigan  Coronal Mass Ejections: Theory and Modeling 
Mon 8 Mar  Chris McKee U.C. Berkeley  The Formation of Massive Stars: Now and Then 
Wed 10 Mar  Judy Young University of Massachusetts  Sunwheels for the 21st Century: Everyday Astronomy for Everyone 
Thu 11 Mar  Christoff Keller National Solar Observatory  Coffee  The NSO SOLIS Vector Spectromagnetograph: Design and First Results 
Fri 12 Mar  Suketu Bhavsar University of Kentucky  The Filament-Void Network and the Scale of Homogeneity in the Universe 
Wed 17 Mar  Chris Conselice Caltech  The Mass Assembly History of Field Galaxies of Known Morphology 
Wed 24 Mar  Stewart McKechnie ITT Industries, Inc.  General Formulation for Imaging through Atmospheric Turbulence using Large Ground-Based Telescopes 
Wed 31 Mar  Francesca Matteucci Universita di Trieste  Cosmic Chemical Evolution and the Mean Metallicity of the Universe 
Fri 2 Apr  Rolf-Peter Kudritzki IfA  Frontier Science Enabled by a Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope 
Mon 5 Apr  Masayuki Akiyama Subaru Telescope  Emergence of Type-2 QSOs ? 
Wed 7 Apr  Stuart Jefferies MSRC/Univ. of New Mexico  Vibrations and Waves in the Sun 
Wed 14 Apr  Colin Borys Caltech  Toward N(z) for the Sub-mm Bright Galaxy Population 
Wed 21 Apr  Crystal Brogan IfA  Resolving the Confusion: A Low Radio Frequency Survey of the Inner Galactic Plane 
Thu 13 May  Martin Harwit Cornell University  Photon Orbital Angular Momentum in Astrophysics 
Fri 14 May  Jeffrey Linsky JILA/Univ. of Colorado  What is (are) the total D/H ratio(s) within 1 kpc of the Sun ? 
Mon 24 May  Eugene Chiang U.C. Berkeley  Dynamics of Circumstellar Rings: The Kuiper Belt and Beyond 
Wed 26 May  Martin Elvis CfA  Solving Quasars, I: Atmospheres and Winds 
Fri 28 May  Andrew Connolly Pittsburgh  Searching in the Dark: Energy and Matter in the Universe 
Tu 1 June  Eugene Chiang U.C. Berkeley  Architectures of Extrasolar Planetary Systems 
Thu 3 June  Kahalelaukoa Ka`ahanui Ell Mauna Kea  Mauna Kea & I - A Journey of Discovery. Ancient & Modern Uses. 
Mon 7 June  Chris Willmer Lick Observatory  The Galaxy Luminosity Function to z = 1: Results from DEEP 
Mon 14 June  Russel White Caltech  The Youngest Optically Visible Stars in Taurus-Auriga 
Mon 14 June  Carl Grillmair SSC, Caltech  Galactic Structure with SIM 
Fri 18 June  Ciska Kemper UCLA  Probing the Formation and Processing of Silicates with ISO and Spitzer Spectroscopy 
Thurs 8 July  Akiva Bar-Nun Tel-Aviv University  Comet Wild-2 Craters: An Experimental Simulation 
Fri 9 July  Marcus Seigar UKIRT  Dust Penetrated Arm Classes: A near-infrared classification scheme for spiral galaxies 
Thurs 15 July  Steve Chesley JPL  Direct Detection of the Yarkovsky Effect via Radar Ranging to Asteroid 6489 Golevka 
Thurs 5 August  Andreas Burkert Univ. of Munich  Formation of Stars and Stellar Clusters in a Turbulent Interstellar Medium 
Fri 6 August  Andreas Burkert Univ. of Munich  Structure and Origin of Elliptical Galaxies 
Wed 18 August  Nir Shaviv Hebrew Univversity, Jerusalem  On Galactic Spiral Arms, Cosmic Rays, Ice-Ages, and Politics 

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