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* C = Colloquium
   L = Lunchtime Seminar

Colloquia are held in the IfA Auditorium at 3:30 pm, with refreshments served at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted. Lunch talks are usually held in the IfA Auditorium at 12:30 pm. e-mail: Dave Sanders
             (Colloquium Chair) 

Colloquia: Fall 2004

Wed 8 Sept  John McFarland  Georgia State University  Rest Frame Variability Characteristics of the Blazars BL Lacertae, AO 0235+164 and PKS 1633+382 
Tu 21 Sept  John Kormendy  University of Texas  Secular Evolution and the Formation of Pseudobulges in Disk Galaxies 
Wed 22 Sept  Yuzuru Yoshii  University of Tokyo  New results from the MAGNUM telescope on the dust distribution in AGNs 
Tu 5 Oct  Jean Arnaud  Observarory du Midi-Pyrenees  Examples of how to use the Hanle Effect to Study Magnetic Fields 
Wed 6 Oct  Dave Jewitt  IfA  CASSINI at Saturn 
Tu 12 Oct  David Levy  Arizona  Comet Searching: Thoughts about Changing Times                                                                      **[Videolink from Hilo]** 
Tu 12 Oct  Jay Pasachoff  Williams College  The Transit of Venus from the Ground and from TRACE 
Wed 13 Oct  Alceste Bonanos  Harvard University  Obtaining the first DIRECT Distance to M33 
Thurs 14 Oct  Ed Turner  Princeton University Observatory  L+C  Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets and Planets                                                          **[Joint talk with CSPF & NAI]** 
Tu 19 Oct  Javier Licandro  Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias  The "La Palma" Spectroscopic Program on Solar System Icy Minor Planet Bodies 
Wed 20 Oct  Matthias Steinmetz  Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam (AIP)  Cosmology with the Milky Way 
Mon 1 Nov  John Jefferies  NOAO, Tucson  Reflections on the Early Days of the IfA 
Wed 17 Nov  Lisa Kewley  IfA  Star Formation Rate Discrepancies & the Madau Plot 
Wed 24 Nov  Jim Harwood  IfA (emeritus)  The Beginnings of the Mauna Kea Observatory 
Tu 30 Nov  Kem Cook  LLNL  Macho (RIP): Halo Dark Matter, Galactic Structure and the Time Domain 
Wed 8 Dec  Sara Ellison  University of Victoria  Dust and Metals in the Early Universe 
Tu 14 Dec  Henry McCracken  IAP/Obs. de Paris  The Clustering of Galaxies from z~2 to z~4 
Wed 15 Dec  Nick Scoville  IfA/Caltech  The Cosmic Evolution Survey -- COSMOS