University of Hawaii Instutute for Astronomy

* C = Colloquium
   L = Lunchtime Seminar

Colloquia are held in the IfA Auditorium at 3:30 pm, with refreshments served at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.
Lunch talks are usually held in the IfA Auditorium at 12:30 pm.
e-mail: Len Cowie
             (Colloquium Chair) 


Colloquia: Spring/Summer 2005

Tu 4 Jan  Ingrid Mann  Muenster University  The Comets, the Dust, and the Solar Wind 
Wed 5 Jan  Garik Israelian  IAC, Tenerife  Light Element Abundances in Stars Hosting Planets 
Fri 14 Jan  Hsiao-Wen Chen  MIT  Unmasking Damped Lya Absorbing Galaxies 
Tu 18 Jan  Glenn Morrison  NOAO, Tucson  Multi-wavelength Approach to Quantifying Galaxy Evolution 
Thur 20 Jan  Owen Gingerich  Harvard  Copernicus, Kepler, and the Ellipse 
Wed 26 Jan  Nader Haghighipour  IfA/NAI  A World with Two Suns 
Fri 4 Feb  Lars Hernquist  Harvard University  Black Holes in Galaxy Mergers 
Wed 16 Feb  Julian Borrill  LBL/UCB  Computing the Cosmos: Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis For The Planck Mission 
Wed 23 Feb  Fred Ciesla  NASA Ames  The Distribution of Water in Protoplanetary Disks 
Wed 23 Feb  Alan Boss  Carnegie-DTM  Formation of Giant Planets 
Wed 2 Mar  Inseok Song  Gemini Telescopes  Young Nearby Stars 
Fri 4 Mar  Douglas Trumbull  Maui, Hawaii  2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY - Making Sci-Fi films with real science 
Wed 9 Mar  Charles Lada  Harvard, CfA  The Origins of Star Formation Research: From Anaxagoras to Ambartsumian 
Wed 16 Mar  Richard Woo  JPL  Surprises of the Solar Atmosphere 
Fri 18 Mar  Anna Sajina  University of British Columbia  The Infrared SED of Starforming Galaxies 
Wed 23 Mar  Elizabeth Stanway  University of Wisconsin-Madison  Starbursts at z=6: Probing the End of the Dark Ages 
Wed 30 Mar  Chris Impey  University of Arizona  Quasars as Cosmological Probes 
Fri 1 Apr  Lin Yan  Caltech/SSC  Spitzer mid-IR Spectroscopic Discoveries of Infrared Luminous Galaxies at z ~ 2 
Wed 6 Apr  Tim deZeeuw  Sterrewacht Leiden  The SAURON Project: Reading the fossil record of galaxy formation 
Thur 7 Apr  Alessandro Morbidelli  Observatory of Nice  Origin of the Oort Cloud    [Joint talk with CSPF/NAI] 
Wed 13 Apr  Travis Metcalfe  HAO/NCAR  The Future of Stellar Seismology 
Fri 15 Apr  Adam Burgasser  AMNH, NYC  Ultracool Subdwarfs: Probing the Galactic Halo Below the Hydrogen Burning Limit 
Thur 21 Apr  Gordon Petrie  HAO, Boulder  The Internal Structures and Dynamics of Solar Quiescent Prominences 
Fri 22 Apr  Mark Neyrinck  Univ. of Colorado  A Galaxy-Halo Model of Large-Scale Structure 
Tu 26 Apr  Richard Woo  Caltech/JPL  "Seeing" the Solar Corona with Radio Waves 
Wed 27 Apr  Mike Rich  UCLA  Recent Results from the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) 
Wed 4 May  Stephane Courteau  Queens University  The Mass Distribution, Structure, and Stellar Content of Spiral Galaxies 
Wed 25 May  Toby Owen  IfA  Highlights from Cassini-Huygens: New perspectives on Saturn and Titan 
Tu 7 Jun  Chad Baybayan  Navigator, Hokule'a  He Lani Ko Luna (A Sky Above) 
Th 7 Jul  David Bowdley & Jon Yardley  Faulkes Telescope Education Project  Integrating Research and Education using the Faulkes Telescopes 
Fri 8 Jul  Ilia Roussev  University of Michigan  Towards Understanding the Nature of Solar Anger Manifested as CMEs 
Wed 13 Jul  John Peacock  ROE  The Final 2dFGRS Power Spectrum and Cosmological Implications 
Mon 18 Jul  Ken Rines  Yale University  The Infall Regions of Galaxy Clusters 
Mon 25 Jul  Marc Kuchner  NASA-GSFC  Reading the Resonant Signatures of Planets in Debris Disks 
Wed 17 Aug  Joe Mohr  Univ. of Illinois  Galaxy Cluster Structure and Cosmology 

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