University of Hawaii Instutute for Astronomy

* C = Colloquium
   L = Lunchtime Seminar

Colloquia are held in the IfA Auditorium at 3:30 pm, with refreshments served at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted.
Lunch talks are usually held in the IfA Auditorium at 12:30 pm.
e-mail: Len Cowie
             (Colloquium Chair) 


Colloquia: Fall 2005

Wed 31 Aug  Chris Stubbs  Harvard University  Fundamental Physics Through Astrophysics 
Wed 7 Sept  Evgenya Shkolnik  IfA/NAI  Magnetized Exoplanets 
Wed 14 Sept  Mike Norman  Physics Dept. & CASS, UC San Diego  Hydrodynamic Simulations of the Intergalactic Medium: A Concordance Model and Beyond 
Wed 21 Sept  Paul Price  IfA  What Makes a Gamma-Ray Burst? 
Wed 28 Sept  Satoshi Miyazaki  Subaru Telescope  Subaru Suprime-Cam Weak Lensing Survey and HyperSuprime-Cam 
Tues 4 Oct  Edisher Kaghashvili  IGPP, University of California, Riverside  Plasma Micro-instabilities: Their Role in the Corona and Interplanetary Space 
Wed 5 Oct  Jason Rhodes  Caltech/JPL  Mapping the Dark Matter with COSMOS 
Tues 11 Oct  Alycia Weinberger  Carnegie  Circumstellar Disks and their Clues for Planet Formation 
Wed 19 Oct  Margaret Geller  Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory  A Lensing Map ... A Redshift Survey 
Wed 26 Oct  Alan Stockton  IfA  Morphologies of Galaxies with Old Stellar Populations at High Redshifts 
Wed 2 Nov  Xing Li  University of Wales  Diagnostic Tools for Heavy Ions in the Inner Corona and the Modelling of their Heating and Acceleration 
Fri 4 Nov  Masami Ouchi  Space Telescope Science Institute  Mapping the Universe Traced by Galaxies at z=3-7 
Wed 9 Nov  Christine Wilson  McMaster University  Forming Massive Star Clusters in Interacting Galaxies 
Wed 16 Nov  (2pm)   Katherine Blundell  Oxford University  Evolving and revolving: the relativistic jets of SS433 
(Note special time)
Mon 21 Nov  Crystal Martin  UC Santa Barbara  Cold Outflows from Ultraluminous Starbursts 
Wed 30 Nov  Richard McCray  University of Colorado  Supernova 1987A: The Birth of a Supernova Remnant 
Wed 7 Dec  Karen Meech  IfA  Deep Impact Science Results
Wed 14 Dec  Chung-Pei Ma  Berkeley  Dark Matter Substructures and Centers of Elliptical Galaxies 

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