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* C = Colloquium
   L = Lunchtime Seminar

Colloquia are held in the IfA Auditorium at 3:30 pm, with refreshments served at 3:15 pm, unless otherwise noted. Lunch talks are usually held in the IfA Auditorium at 12:30 pm. e-mail: Dave Sanders
             (Colloquium Chair) 

Colloquia: Spring 1998

Thu 1/8/98 George Fisher UC Berkeley C The Origin and Properties of Magnetic Active Regions on the Sun
Fri 1/16/98 Tom Geballe JAC C Spectroscopy of H3+ in the Interstellar Medium
Fri 1/23/98 Judy Cohen CalTech C The Globular Cluster System of M87
Tues 1/27/98 Ted Simon IfA C Sleuthing the Dynamo
Fri 1/30/98 Toni Cowie IfA C Early Metal Formation and the Intergalactic Medium
Fri 2/6/98 Laird Close IfA C Imaging Circumstellar Disks with the UH Adaptive Optics System
Thu 2/12/98 Davy Kirkpatrick IPAC C The Hunt for Brown Dwarfs with 2MASS
Mon 2/23/98 Ray Weymann OCIW L Evolution of the Low-Z Lyman-alpha Forest.
Fri 2/27/98 Dick Bond CITA C Lyman Alpha Absorption in The Cosmic Web
Thu 3/5/98 Herve Aussel IPAC L ISOCAM ultradeep surveys; Early results and perspectives
Fri 3/6/98 Gus Evrard U. Michigan C Advances in X-ray Clusters and Numerical Cosmology
Mon 3/9/98 Richard Mushotzky Goddard C Cosmological Implications of X-ray Observations of Groups and Clusters
Thu 3/12/98 Andy Fabian IOA, Cambridge C Broad X-ray Iron Lines and the Strong Gravity of Black Holes
Mon 3/16/98 James Rhoads NOAO L Are Gamma Ray Bursts Beamed?
Wed 3/25/98 Reinhard Genzel MPE C The Central Dark Mass in the Milky Way
Fri 3/27/98 Glenn Starkman Case Western C Circles in the Sky: Determining the Universe's Topology with the Microwave Background Radiation
Thu 4/2/98 Andreas Kull IfA L X-ray Emission of Clusters of Galaxies
Fri 4/3/98 Claude and Francois Roddier IfA C FR: Adaptive optics: all you need to know but never dared to ask.
CR: Adaptive optics observations of Saturn's Ring Plane Crossing
Mon 4/6/98 Frank Shu UC Berkeley C-3:00 Protostellar X-rays, Cosmic Rays, and Extinct Radio-activities in Meteorites
Wed 4/15/98 Craig Wheeler U.Texas C-3:00 Deep Supernovae: Lambda or Not?
Fri 4/17/98 Tony Readhead CalTech C Recent Observations of the MBR at the Owens Valley and the Status of the CalTech Cosmic Background Imager
Tues 4/21/98 Martin Rees IOA Cambridge C Gamma Ray Bursts
Mon 4/27/98 Pat Osmer Ohio State C-3:00 The Evolution of Quasars and Their Connection with Galaxies
Tue 4/28/98 Charles Steidel CalTech C Galaxies and Large Scale Structure at z~3
Wed 5/6/98 David Black Lunar and Planetary Institute C-3:00 Substellar Mass Objects: the Zoo of Objects with Mass Below 80 Jupiter Masses
Fri 5/15/98 Peter Michaud Bishop Museum C Exploring the Universe in Today's Planetaria; The Sky's the Limit
Mon 5/18/98 Alan Dressler OCIW C-3:00 Morphological and Spectroscopic Evolution of Galaxies in Rich Clusters since z = 0.5
Mon 6/15/98 Eduardo Martin UC Berkeley C Observational Clues to the Initial Mass Function Below the Substellar Limit
Thu 7/23/98 Gordon Squires UC Berkeley S TBD

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