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Eric Agol 12/16/2015How heavy are heavenly bodies?
Stuart Bale 12/09/2015Plasma Kinetics in the Inner Heliosphere and the NASA Solar Probe Plus Mission
Dimitri Veras 11/25/2015The growing field of post-main-sequence exoplanetary science
Anne Kinney 11/18/2015Culture: The Scientific Community at Our Scientific Best
Lars Hernquist 11/13/2015Next-Generation Cosmological Simulations: Galaxy Assembly and Evolution
Olivier Guyon 11/04/2015Imaging and Characterizing nearby habitable Exoplanets: Will it happen before you retire ?
David Soderblom 10/28/2015Stars of an uncertain age: The problem of determining stellar ages
Lison Malo 10/21/2015Early science of GRACES: the Gemini Remote Access to CFHT ESPaDOnS
Ben Mazin 10/14/2015The Future of Astronomy is Super(conducting): Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors for UVOIR Astronomy
Anna Ferrè-Mateu 10/07/2015On the NON-coevolution of SMBHs and massive relic galaxies
Reza Mansouri 09/11/2015Astronomy in Iran: Past and Future
Mark Clampin 09/09/2015Status of the James Webb Space Telescope and its Capabilities for Exoplanet Observations
Caroline Morley 08/26/2015Seeing Through the Clouds: The Thermal Emission and Reflected Light of Super-Earths with Flat Transmission Spectra
Ann-Marie Madigan08/19/2015A Slow Dynamical Explosion of Minor Planets
John Jefferies 08/12/2015Reflections on the Early Days of Astronomy at the University of Hawaii
Kevin Schawinski 06/24/2015 New insights into how the galaxy-black hole connection works
Alastair Edge 06/17/2015 The Rise and Fall (and Rise again!) of NGC1275
Tom Schad 05/18/2015 On field lines in the solar atmosphere
Anna Malanushenko 05/11/2015 Modeling Magnetic Fields in the Solar Atmosphere
Paul Weissman 05/06/2015 The Rosetta Comet Rendezvous Mission
Ben Brown 05/04/2015 Magnetism in Global Solar and Stellar Dynamos
Laura Lopez 04/29/2015 Observational Assessment of Stellar Feedback in Star-Forming Regions
Joel Sercel 04/22/2015 Disruption Dynamic
Kathy Cooksey 04/08/2015 Precious Metals (or Lack of) in SDSS Quasar Spectra
Emily Levesque 04/01/2015 Engines, Lighthouses and Laboratories: Massive Stars Across the Cosmos
Daniel Huber 03/18/2015 The Space Photometry Revolution of Asteroseismology & Exoplanets
Roberto Sanchis-Ojeda 03/12/2015 Close-in Exoplanets in the K2 era
Sebastian Heinz 03/04/2015 A blast from the past: How Cir X-1 became the youngest known X-ray Binary
Cris Sabiu 02/25/2015 Cosmology from 2nd and 3rd Order Clustering Statistics of the Galaxy Distribution
Ryan Keenan 02/18/2015 Evidence for a large (R ~ 300 Mpc) local under-density and the implications for cosmology
Ian Crossfield 02/04/2015 Small Planets, Small Stars
Gene Magnier 01/28/2015 Astrometric Survey and the Local Solar Neighborhood
Jay Pasachoff 01/20/2015 Solar Coronal Dynamics at Recent Total Eclipses
Wei-Hao Wang 01/14/2015 Studying Dusty Distant Galaxies with Interferometers
Petric, Andrea 12/16/2014 Measuring the Cold Dust Content of Broad and Narrow-Line Optically Luminous QSOs
Ireland, Mike 12/10/2014 Probing Planetary Formation at the Angular Resolution Frontier
Kulkarni, Varsha 11/24/2014 Chasing Shadows: Quasar Absorption Lines as Probes of Galaxy Evolution
Bower, Geoff 11/19/2014 The Galactic Center Pulsar
Mathews, Geoff 11/12/2014 Teaching an Astronomer's Ways of Thinking
Behroozi, Peter 11/05/2014 Insights into Galaxy Formation from z=15 to the Present Day
Currie, Thayne 10/29/2014 The Dark Art of Detecting and Characterizing Extrasolar Planets by Direct Imaging
Chambers, Ken 10/15/2014 Highlights from the Pan-STARRS1 Sky Surveys
Ho, Luis 10/10/2014 Black Holes Big and Small: Impact on Galaxy Evolution
Guhu Thakurta, Raja 01/10/2014 The Dynamic and Mysterious Outskirts of Galaxies
Hou, George Wei-Shu 09/24/2014 NTA: Towards Nu_Tau Astronomy Up the Hawaiian Mountains
Lida, Charles 09/17/2014 Schmidt's Conjecture and Star Formation in Galactic Molecular Clouds and Galaxies
Silva, Dave 09/16/2014 Transforming NOAO - A Status Report
Flagey, Nicolas 09/03/2014 The Galaxy Champagne
Schutz, Bernard 07/30/2014 Prospects for the first gravitational wave detections and their follow-ups
Simons, Doug 07/29/2014 Current status and future plans for the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE)
Stecklum, Bringfried 05/28/2014 Shadows in the Sky - What They May Tell Us
Metchev, Stan 05/21/2014 Exoplanetary Worlds: Atmospheres and Architectures
Becklin, Eric 05/15/2014 Complementary SOFIA and Keck AO Science in Orion Molecular Cloud 1 and The Galactic Center
Konopacky, Quinn 05/07/2014 Orbits and Atmospheres of Directly Imaged Exoplanets
O'Brient, Roger 04/23/2014 Tickets to the gun show: B-mode cosmology with BICEP1 and BICEP2
Skidmore, Warren 04/16/2014 Thirty Meter Telescope: The Next Generation of Ground Based Optical/Infrared Observatory
Harding, Leon 04/09/2014 CHIMERA - A New Window on The High Speed Universe
Moutou, Claire 04/02/2014 Exo-Jupiters
Burgasser, Adam 03/21/2014 1000+ Cool Spectra: Science, Art and Education with the SpeX Prism Libraries
Dupuy, Trent 03/12/2014 A Stormy Forecast for the Evolution of Brown Dwarfs
Cody, Ann Marie 03/07/2014 Dynamic young stars and their disks: a temporal view
Kulkarni, Shri 02/27/2014 There is more room sideways
Cooper, Michael 02/19/2014 Expanding the Low-Mass Galaxy Frontier
Welsh, William 02/12/2014 Kepler Circumbinary Planets
Haghighipour, Nader 02/05/2014 A New Model for the Formation of Terrestrial Planets and the Origin of Mars
Reipruth, Bo 01/29/2014 George Herbig: A Life in Science
Meynet, Georges 01/22/2014 Massive star evolution along the cosmic history: some puzzles and perspectives
Petigura, Erik 01/15/2014 Prevalence of Earth-size planets orbiting Sun-like stars
Kasdin, Jeremy 12/11/2013 Prospects for High-Contrast Imaging of Rocky Exoplanets from Space: Coronagraphy and External Occulters
Bridge, Carrie 11/20/2013 Enormous Hot Blobs from Outer Space: AGN feedback caught in the act?
Lang, Raphael 11/13/2013 Closing in on Dark Matter
McConnell, Nicholas 11/06/2013 A Black Hole Safari through the Local Universe
Andrews, Sean 10/30/2013 Observational Hallmarks of Evolution and Planet Formation in Circumstellar Disks
Torrey, Paul 10/23/2013 Populating the Hubble Sequence in Cosmological Simulations
Clements, David 10/15/2013 Herscel, Planck and the High Redshift Universe
Perley, Dan 10/09/2013 Quantifying High-Redshift Star Formation with Gamma-Ray Bursts - Promises and Perils
Berdyugina, Svatlana 10/02/2013 Direct Detection and Characterization of Exoplanetary Atmospheres: Haze, Molecules, and Biosignatures
Sawicki, Marcin 09/25/2013 Life and Death at Cosmic High Noon
Tobin, John 09/11/2013 The Initial Phases of Solar System and Binary Star Formation
Tollerud, Erik 09/04/2013 Local Dwarf Galaxies and Near-Field Cosmology in LCDM
Liu, Mike 08/28/2013 Young Gas-Giant Planets and their Brown Dwarf Cousins
Lu, Ed 08/14/2013 The B612 Asteroid Sentinel Mission - Finding Asteroids before They Find Us
Courtois, Helene 08/07/2013 Cosmic Flows Project, Voyage to the Great Attractor
Burkert, Andreas 07/31/2013 Watching the Little Gas Cloud G2 on its Way into the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole
Shaya, Ed 07/24/2013 The Formation of the Local Group Satellite Planes
Cooke, Ryan 05/08/2013 The Most Metal-poor Damped Lyman-alpha Systems and Early Nucleosynthesis
Tarter, Jill 05/02/2013 Observational SETI Today and Tomorrow: New Strategies and Instrumentation for SETI and Radio Astronomy
Okano, Sho 04/24/2013 Collaborative IfA-Tohoku Planetary Observations at Haleakala with 40cm, 60cm, and PLANETS telescopes
Stanek, Kris 04/17/2013 Drinking Coffee, Writing Papers
Kissler-Patig, Markus 04/10/2013 New Opportunities with the Gemini Observatory
Mendez, Roberto 04/03/2013 Understanding the Eskimo
Youdin, Andrew 03/28/2013 The Origin of Planetesimals
Carter, Joshua 03/04/2013 Photodynamics: revealing the secrets of the lowest-mass planets and stars
Lu, Jessica 02/28/2013 Star Formation in Extreme Environments
Walker, Matthew 02/25/2013 Galactic Dynamics and the Nature of Dark Matter
Kratter, Kaitlin 02/19/2013 The Formation and Evolution of Multiple Stellar Systems
Kirby, Evan 02/14/2013 The Chemical Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies
Mainzer, Amy 02/13/2013 Update on NEOWISE: Getting to Know Earth's Nearest Neighbors
Froning, Cynthia 02/07/2013 Revealing Cosmic Origins: from Exoplanet Atmospheres to the Intergalactic Medium with the HST/COS
Fox, Ori 02/05/2013 A View of Supernovae (and Other Transients) Through Infrared Eyes
Law, Nicholas 01/31/2013 Building and Using a New Generation of Sky Surveys
Konidaris, Nicholas 01/22/2013 Initial Results from MOSFIRE
Prochaska, Jason 01/16/2013 Quasars Probing Quasars
Baranec, Christophe 01/15/2013 Science and new opportunities with the Robo-AO automated laser adaptive optics system
Mushotzky, Richard 01/09/2013 Early Results from the Herschel Survey of Hard X-ray Selected AGN
Egami, Eiichi 12/12/2012 Reverse Engineering Space-Time
Stebbins, Albert 12/05/2012 Reverse Engineering Space-Time
Venkatesan, Aparna 11/28/2012 Signatures of Hard Ionizing Radiation from the First Galaxies
Desert, Jean-Michel 11/21/2012 From statistics to individual characterization of exoplanets
Governato, Fabio 11/14/2012 Cusps, cores and baryons: Or how Cold Dark Matter is the worst model of galaxy formation, except for all the others
Cappelluti, Nico 11/07/2012 Clustering of the Cosmic X-ray Background sources and surface brightness: inspecting beyond limit of current X-ray surveys
Prato, Lisa 10/31/2012 The Promise of Young Spectroscopic Binaries
Jorgensen, Regina 10/24/2012 Damped Lyman alpha Systems (DLAs): The most well-understood, enigmatic galaxies
Gonzalez, Anthony 10/19/2012 Galaxy Clusters at z=1-2: An Infrared View
Muirhead, Philip 10/10/2012 Small Stars with Small Planets and Big Consequences
Bindi, Veronica 10/03/2012 Status of the AMS-02 detector after one year of operation on the International Space Station
Wright, Shelley 09/27/2012 Studying Galaxies in the Early Universe with Innovative Adaptive Optics Instrumentation
Cote, Patrick 09/19/2012 The Next Generation CFHT: A Wide-field Spectroscopic Facility for the Coming Decade
Fitzsimmons, Alan 09/12/2012 NEOShield: How do we move an asteroid?
Quider, Valentin 08/23/2012 The Federal Budget and How Scientists Can Influence It
Martinez Pillet, Anna 08/14/2012 The Quiet Sun as observed by the 1m balloon borne SUNRISE telescope
Hilton, Eric 01/18/2012 Characteristics of M Dwarf Stars: Exoplanet Implications
Shirley, Yancy 01/25/2012 The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey - A Census of Embedded Star Formation in the Milky Way
Petric, Andreea 02/01/2012 Mid-Infrared and Millimeter Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Chauvin, Michael 02/08/2012 The 1874 transit of Venus expedition to Hawaii
Howard, Andrew 02/09/2012 Origins and Properties of Super-Earths and Neptune-size Planets
Benson, Andrew 02/13/2012 Galaxy Formation Theory: The Next Decade
Mainzer, Amy 02/16/2012 The Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer: Greatest Hits
Cenko, Brad 02/21/2012 The Time Domain Renaissance: From Gamma-Ray Bursts to Advanced LIGO
Dodson-Robinson, Sarah 02/23/2012 Planetary Archaeology in Space and Time
Boylan-Kolchin, Michael 02/24/2012 Dark Matter and the Milky Way's Satellites
Stark, Dan 03/01/2012 The Nature of Early Star Forming Galaxies
Krumholz, Mark 03/05/2012 The Origin of the Initial Mass Function
Batygin, Konstantin 03/08/2012 Orbits and Interiors of Extrasolar Planets
Macri, Lucas 03/14/2012 The Cepheid Distance Scale in the Era of Precision Cosmology
Voit, Mark 03/19/2012 Triggering of Feedback in Galaxy Cluster Cores
Bond, Richard 03/21/2012 Revealing the Cosmic Information in Clusters through the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
Kirby, Evan 03/28/2012 Galactic and Stellar Evolution with Medium-Resolution Spectroscopy
Martin, Chris 04/12/2012 GALEX: Mapping the Hidden Side of Galaxy Evolution and the UV Universe
Ellis, Richard 04/20/2012 Obesity in the Universe: How Fast Can Early-Type Galaxies Grow?
Hasinger, Guenther 04/25/2012 Cosmic Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei
Joseph, Bob 05/02/2012 Babylonian Astronomy
Sobral, David 05/09/2012 The 11 Gyr Evolution of Star-forming galaxies
Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe 05/24/2012 From frozen Super Earth to Habitable Earth via microlensing
Taylor, Jeff 05/30/2012 Water and Volatiles as Tracers of Lunar Formation, Differentiation, and Bombardment
Neyrinck, Mark 06/06/2012 How Wrinkles form in the Universe and How to Deal with their Information-Sabotage
Krautter, Joachim 06/14/2012 X-ray Observations of Novae
Leitherer, Claus 06/26/2012 Galaxies as Laboratories for Studying Stellar Evolution
Davis, Gary 09/07/2011 The UK telescopes on Mauna Kea: breaking news and future prospects
Casey, Caitlin 09/14/2011 Taking Census of Extreme, Infrared-Bright Starbursts from z=0-6: Implications for Dust Enshrouded Star Formation and the Evolution of Major Mergers
Beletic, James 09/26/2011 Imaging Sensor Technologies for Astronomy, Planetary Exploration & Earth Observation
Jefferies, Stuart 10/12/2011 Getting the most out of your large-aperture, ground-based telescope
Fox, Derek 10/19/2011 Bursts of Light from the Cosmic Dawn
Meech, Karen 10/26/2011 Origin of Earth's Water
McKee, Chris 11/02/2011 The Formation of Massive Stars
Squires, Gordon 11/09/2011 A Unique Place and a Unique Time: Revealing the Hidden Universe with Spitzer, Herschel, WISE, GALEX, Kepler, Planck and ... Astronomy's Next-Generation Observatory - TMT
Hinkley, Sasha 11/16/2011 Comparative Exoplanetary Science Through Direct Imaging
Ellison, Sara 11/23/2011 Gas flows in galaxies: mergers versus bars
Woo, Jong-Hak 12/02/2011 Cosmic evolution of black holes and galaxies
Tonry, John 12/15/2011 The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics
Werk, Jessica 12/19/2011 Finding Galactic Metals in Unusual Places
Lu, Jessica 01/19/2011 Clarifying our View of Star Formation in Extreme Environments with Adaptive Optics
Narita, Norio 01/26/2011 Aligned, tilted, retrograde exoplanets and their migration mechanisms
Greve, Thomas 02/02/2011 The nature of the newly discovered population of extremely bright submillimeter galaxies
Sheth, Kartik 02/09/2011 The Starring Role of Bars in Understanding Galaxy Evolution: Results from S4G, COSMOS, DEEP2 and AEGIS
Agol, Eric 02/16/2011 New techniques for studying extrasolar planets
Chun, Mark 02/23/2011 The atmosphere above Mauna Kea: all you wanted to know and dealing with the unknown unknowns
Bradac, Marusa 03/02/2011 Dark Matter and First Galaxies Light Up
Gottloeber, Stefan 03/08/2011 Near field cosmology with CLUES (Constrained Local UniversE Simulations)
Malkan, Matt 03/16/2011 New Observational Approaches to Galaxy Evolution Surveys
Mushotzky, Richard 03/23/2011 Recent Results from the Swift BAT Very Hard X-ray Survey
Sobral, David 03/30/2011 The Star-formation History of the Universe and its Drivers in the Last 11 Gyrs
Businger, Steven 04/06/2011 The Mauna Kea Weather Center: Custom Atmospheric Forecasting Support for Mauna Kea
Bland-Hawthorn, Joss 04/13/2011 The HERMES project - reconstructing the ancient Galaxy
Courteau, Stephane 04/18/2011 The Luminosity Profile of the Andromeda Galaxy
Stiavelli, Massimo 04/20/2011 Observing the epoch of reionization with the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes
Trump, Jonathan 04/25/2011 Not all AGNs are created equal: How galaxies feed and obscure their SMBHs.
Reipurth, Bo 05/04/2011 The Dynamical Evolution of Newborn Triple Systems
Borucki, William 05/13/2011 Kepler Mission: An Overview of Science Results
Hunter, Lisa 05/18/2011 Enhancing the professional skills of graduate students and postdocs
Chapman, Scott 05/23/2011 Point sources in the South Pole Telescope 2000sq deg survey: characterizing the dusty starforming galaxies
Imanishi, Masa 06/01/2011 Luminous buried AGNs and the AGN-starburst connections in the local universe
Rothberg, Barry 09/08/2010 The Impact of Star-Formation and Gas Dissipation on Galaxy Kinematics
Wainscoat, Richard 09/15/2010 Protection of Hawaii's Observatories from Light Pollution
Kraus, Adam 09/23/2010 The Demographics of Young Planetary Systems
Melbourne, Jason 09/28/2010 Black Hole Growth and Star Formation in z=2 Dust Obscured Galaxies (DOGs)
Guhathakurta, Raja 10/05/2010 Cannibalism and Forensics in our Galactic Neighborhood
Reddy, Naveen 10/06/2010 Evolution of Dust Obscuration and Its Implications for Galaxy Growth
Bernstein, Rebecca 10/13/2010 Detailed Chemical Abundances of Extragalactic Star Clusters
Hamann, Wolf-Rainer 10/20/2010 Massive stars and their winds
Blake, Geoffrey 10/27/2010 Water Vapor and Organics in the Planet-Forming Region of Circumstellar Disks
Itoh, Naoki 11/03/2010 Seeing galaxy clusters through CMB: Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect
Windhorst, Rogier 11/10/2010 Observing supermassive black-hole growth with HST and JWST: When during galaxy assembly did AGN growth take place?
Chambers, Ken 11/17/2010 Early Science with PS1
Fassnacht, Chris 11/29/2010 Dark and Luminous Matter at Moderate Redshifts
Habbal, Shadia 12/08/2010 Total Solar Eclipses and the Physics of the Solar Corona: The Case of Heavy Ion Spies
Zakamska, Nadia 12/15/2010 Obscured Quasars
Endl, Michael 01/22/2010 Exoplanets From Outer Space
Laughlin, Greg 01/27/2010 Major Updates to the Galactic Planetary Census
Landis, Rob 02/01/2010 Between the Moon and Mars: The NEO Facto
Esser, Ruth 02/10/2010 The Solar Chromosphere, Corona and Wind: Observations and Theory
Aharonson, Oded 02/17/2010 Titan's Lakes: Croll-Milankovitch and seasonal methane cycles
Burkert, Andreas 02/24/2010 Titan's Lakes: Croll-Milankovitch and seasonal methane cycles
Miyaji, Takamitsu 02/26/2010 Clustering of Broad-line X-ray AGNs from RASS-SDSS
Tran, Kim-Vy 03/03/2010 The Spitzer/MIPS Infra-Red Cluster Survey (SMIRCS)
Hamaguchi, Kenji 03/09/2010 Eta Carinae Superstar
Kuhn, Jeff 03/17/2010 Observational night-time solar physics: using tools and models learned from our Sun to understand other Suns
Zuckerman, Ben 03/24/2010 Evidence for Rocks and Rocky Planets: From the Zero-age Main Sequence to White Dwarfs
Cowie, Len 04/07/2010 Heineman Prize Lecture
Sobral, David 04/14/2010 HiZELS survey
Kudritzki, Rolf 04/28/2010 Schwarzchild Prize Lecture
Siana, Brian 05/12/2010 Were Galaxies Able to Reionize the Universe Measuring the Lyman Continuum Escape Fraction With Hubble