Zeno System Overview

The ZENO software package integrates N-body and SPH simulation codes with a large array of programs to generate initial conditions and analyze numerical simulations. Written in C, the ZENO system is portable between Mac, Linux, and Unix platforms. It is in active use at the Institute for Astronomy (IfA), NRAO, STScI, and elsewhere. The souce code is available under the GNU GPL.

From the user's point of view, ZENO consists of a collection of programs which are invoked and controlled directly from the UNIX command line. `Beneath the hood', however, the system uses a variety of techniques to provide an flexible and powerful working environment:

Zeno programs can perform a wide range of simulation and analysis tasks. While many of these programs were first created for specific projects, they embody algorithms of general applicability and embrace a modular design strategy, so existing code is easily applied to new tasks. Major elements of the system include:

Thanks to their modular design and their use of a common and general data format, these programs combine in a tremendous variety of ways. Generation and analysis pipelines can be prototyped in minutes, formalized using the UNIX make utility, and tuned for efficient processing of large data volumes.

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at ifa.hawaii.edu)
Last modified: 6 June 2013
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