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Postdocs and Researchers

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Robert Beck – PhD, 2017, Eötvös Loránd University,
           Cosmology Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Photometric redshift estimation, machine learning estimation of galaxy emission lines, active galaxy classification,
           inhomogeneous cosmology

Charlotte Bond – PhD, 2014, University of Birmingham, UK,
           Adaptive Optics System Postdoctoral Fellow,
           Advanced interferometry for gravitational wave detection

Dora Fohring – PhD, 2014, Durham University, UK,
          NEO Follow-Up Postdoctoral Fellow,
          The effect of scintillation on ground-based exoplanet transit photometry

Aren (Ari) Heinze    PhD, 2007, University of Arizona
           ATLAS Postdoctoral Fellow
           Asteroids, Kuiper Belt, brown dwarfs, variable stars, exoplanets and debris disks

Lauren Weiss - PhD 2016  UC Berkeley
          Parrent Fellow
          Exoplanet research



Heather Flewelling  PhD, 2009, University of Michigan
            ATLAS Planetary Defense Researcher

Mark Huber  PhD, 2002, University of Wyoming
            Astronomical Survey Researcher

Jan Kleyna  PhD, 1998, Harvard University
            Small Aphelion Postdoctoral Researcher
            Main Belt comets, Pan-STARRS moving object software, DIXI mission support

Yudish Ramanjooloo  PhD, 2015, University College London
           Planetary Defense Junior Researcher
           Near-Earth objects, interaction between solar wind and the induced magnetosphere of comets, exoplanets

Robert Weryk   PhD, 2013, The University of Western Ontario
            Planetary Defense Researcher
            Small bodies in the solar system and their interactions with Earth