Long Range Development Plan


Management Plan

for the

Haleakala High Altitude Observatory Site

In broad terms, the Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) describes the general environmental, cultural, and historic conditions and the site characteristics at Haleakala Observatories. It also describes the principles that define the scientific programs that UH strives to maintain and develop at Haleakala Observatories, and the potential new facility developments that will keep UH in the forefront of astronomy into the next decade.

The Management Plan is intended to be the governing document for existing and future facilities at Haleakala Observatories. It was developed to comply with the HAR §13-5, and is not intended to assess the impacts from any construction or operation of any one facility. Individual projects will each need to go through Hawaii's environmental review process. While "Management Planning" was a part of the LRDP, the Management Plan supersedes the management actions in the LRDP. However, the long range planning aspects of the LRDP remain current. The proposed time frame for the Management Plan is from December 1, 2010 through November 30, 2020, and may be extended as appropriate.

The following links are to PDF files which require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Long Range Development Plan (Final Published April, 2005) (10.7 MB)
LRDP Appendix A - Geological Survey (7.2 MB)
LRDP Appendix B - Botanical Survey (112 KB)
LRDP Appendix B - Botanical Inventory (1.8 MB)
LRDP Appendix C - Petrel Survey (116 KB)
LRDP Appendix D - Arthropod Inventory & Assessment (2.4 MB)
LRDP Appendix E - Arthropod Inventory Species List (1.2 MB)
LRDP Appendix F - Cultural Resources Evaluation (1.3 MB)
LRDP Appendix G - Traditional Practices Assessment (940 KB)
LRDP Appendix H - Archaeological Inventory (6.9 MB)
LRDP Appendix I - Clear Line-of-Sight Table (784 KB)
LRDP Appendix J - Air Force Environmental Management Plan (60 KB)
LRDP Appendix K - Vehicle Traffic Survey (36 KB)
Management Plan (Approved by BLNR December 1st, 2010) (17.5MB)


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