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John Proud - Biography

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John Proud is the Science Department chair at Punahou school, and currently teaches honors physics and astronomy. John, a former TOPS teacher participant, has an avid interest in astronomy and has worked hard to integrate astronomy into the Punahou curriculum, previously teaching a course on celestial navigation. John got his undergraduate degree in physics at the California State University at Sonoma, with a minor in math and chemistry. He also has a masters degree from the University of Hawaii in Educational Administration. John has 26 years experience teaching math, science, chemistry, astronomy and physics.

John is also the director of the Punahou High Ropes Challenge Course where kids go out and conduct activities in the trees. The goal of this program is team building, leadership skills, confidence building for high school kids. John is an avid backpacker, skier, scuba diver and in general loves the outdoors.

John was a navigator in the US Air Force, and this piqued his interest in celestial navigation and its relation to astronomy. He ultimately taught this in the Air Force. When he shifted careers to teaching he moved into this direction, teaching both physics, astronomy and celestial navigation. This has lead to an intense interest in amateur astronomy.

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Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii