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TOPS 2003 - Towards Other Planetary Systems

June 10 - 28, 2003



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2002 Timetable

2001 Program

This 5-year NSF-sponsored Teacher Enhancement program's goals are to initiate systemic reform in science education in Hawaii by enabling science and math teachers to implement astronomy in the classrooms. Teachers will participate in an intensive 3-week summer workshop held in part on Oahu and in part on the big island at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy. Teachers will learn basic astronomy content, will participate in hands-on activities using exemplary materials, will begin to integrate state and national science/astronomy standards into their classrooms and will learn evaluation and assessment techniques. In addition, a privately funded student component of the program is available to local high school students with interests in astronomy. The program will give the students opportunities to learn astronomy, engage in hands-on activities and get an idea of what careers in astronomy and related sciences are like. All participants will be exposed to the cutting edge astronomy that is being conducted in Hawaii.

  • TOPS 2002 images - Picture downloads from 2002

  • Schedule 2003 - Schedule of the 2003 TOPS workshop.

  • Staff - Description of all the staff associated with the program.

  • Eligibility & Costs - Description of the expectations the staff has of the participants, who is eligible to apply, the cost (minimal) and information about teacher stipends.

  • Applications - Online application form.NEW 2003 is the last year of funding for TOPS and there will be a fundamental change to TOPS this year. Please click on this link to find out what the program specifics are and who is eligible to apply.

  • Guest Speakers - List and affiliations of all the guest speakers at the workshop, including biographies.

  • Follow Up - This includes schedules and plans for teacher follow up events, as well as the "Ask An Astronomer" resource for teachers.

  • Educational - Resources - We will post links to useful educational resources related to the TOPS activities here.

  • Sponsors - All sponsors of the TOPS program, including those who donated time are listed.

  • Publications - Listing of papers related to this program.

  • Alumni - Find out what some of our past participants are up to now.

We will be accepting a maximum of 20 Hawaii teachers into the program for June 2003. See the information above to find out how to apply. Applications due February 15, 2003.

How to Contact us

Who Work Phone Alt Phone Fax Email
Karen Meech 808-956-6828   808-956-9580 meech@ifa.hawaii.edu
T. Slater 520-621-7096   520-621-1532 tslater@as.arizona.edu
Mary Kadooka 808-956-7954   808-956-9580 kadooka@ifa.hawaii.edu

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