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Krisstina Wilmoth - Biography

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Krisstina Wilmoth is the Education and Public Outreach Manager for the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI.) She has worked with NASA for five years, bringing NASA's scientific research to the public. Before that, she taught non-fiction and fiction writing at California State University Fresno. Like most of human kind, Krisstina has long wondered about life in the Universe beyond Earth. Along with millions of other Americans, she was inspired to "explore new worlds" after watching the weekly episodes of Star Trek and Jaques Cousteau's The Undersea World. Working in the NAI offers her the chance to bring fiction & non-fiction together: Astrobiologists use science as their tool for exploration. They seek to answer the age old questions: Are we alone? How did life begin? What is the future of life on Earth and beyond? While it may take multiple generations to find conclusive answers, Krisstina finds this a very exciting time in the world of science. She hopes to see humans explore Mars and beyond in her lifetime. At the same time, Krisstina is fascinated with the constant stream of new discoveries of life forms in Earth's oceans, ice, and other unexplored environs. As a scuba diver and an avid reader, she keeps up with exploring the world herself. The 21st Century is a time of great discovery; Krisstina feels lucky to be living now.

Last Updated on May 31, 2001

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