Astronomy 280
Fall 2004

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Information on the final exam is here.

Time & Place
Tues, Thurs, 12:00 - 1:15, in Watanabe 420.

A Short History of the Universe   by Joseph Silk

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Access the class website for course schedule information, links to useful web material and anything handed out in class.

Instructor : Antoinette Cowie
email :
Office : Watanabe 404, phone 956-6847; Institute for Astronomy C-210, phone 956-8379.
Office Hours : T Th 1:15 - 1:45 pm in Wat 404 (956-6847), or by appointment at the Institute for Astronomy. See map for location of the IfA. The "Faculty Housing" Campus Shuttle leaves from Varney Circle and stops at the IfA. See bus schedule here.

The Bulletin Board
A copy of everything handed out in class will also be available on the bulletin board near Watanabe 404. This is approximately across the hall from the lecture room.

Course Guidelines
Read here to find out how the course will be run and how your grade will be computed.

Outline of the Course
List of course topics and reading with links to course materials and useful information.

Course Notices & Announcements
Check here for any organizational notices, things like changes in deadlines, changes in the reading, any special events. Anything I announce in class will find its way to this page.

Midterm : Tuesday, Oct 5   
Final : Thursday, Dec 16, 12 - 2 pm in Watanabe 420.   (Final exam schedule is here.)

Required Papers
Details on the required papers.

Homework and Class Discussion Topics
Questions for class discussion. Check here to see if a discussion has been scheduled and what the topics are.

Important Dates
Summary of exam & other important dates


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