Dynamics of Galaxy Interactions

8. Gas Dynamics In Mergers

Inflows in Perturbed Disks

selected frames; MPEG movie

Response of a disk galaxy to a close, direct passage (Barnes & Hernquist 1996). The disk is viewed along its spin axis, with the dark halo shown in red, the bulge stars in yellow, the disk in blue, and the gas in green.

Merging Encounters

selected frames; MPEG movie

Overview of a parabolic encounter between two gas-rich galaxies (Barnes & Hernquist 1996). The view is face-on to the orbit plane. Color scheme is the same as above.

selected frames; MPEG movie

Closer view of the same encounter as above, showing only the gas.

selected frames; MPEG movie

Last passages and merger; a very close view, again showing only the gas.

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