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Representative Publications

Observations of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies with ROSAT during the All Sky Survey
U. G. Briel, J. P. Henry and H. Boehringer
Astron. Astrophys., 259, L31 (1992)

An X-ray Temperature Map of A754: A Major Merger
J. P. Henry and U. G. Briel
ApJ, 443, L9 (1995)

Wide-Field X-ray Temperature, Pressure and Entropy Maps of A754
J. P. Henry, A. Finoguenov and U. G. Briel
ApJ, 615, 181 (2004)

X-ray Temperature and Mass Measurements to the Virial Radius of Abell 1413 with Suzaku
A. Hoshino, J. P. Henry, et al.
PASJ, 62, 371, (2010)

A Measurement of the Mass Fluctuation Spectrum from the Cluster X-ray Temperature Function
J. P. Henry and K. A. Arnaud
ApJ, 372, 410 (1991)

A Measurement of the Density Parameter Derived from the Evolution of Cluster X-ray Temperatures
J. P. Henry
ApJ, 489, L1 (1997)

Measuring Cosmological Parameters from the Evolution of Cluster X-ray Temperatures
J. P. Henry
ApJ, 534, 565 (2000)

X-ray Temperatures for the Extended Medium-Sensitivity Survey High-Redshift Cluster Sample: Constraints on Cosmology and the Dark Energy Equation of State
J. P. Henry
ApJ, 609, 603 (2004); ApJ, 732, 130 (2011)

The X-ray Cluster Normalization of the Matter Power Spectrum
J. P. Henry, A. E. Evrard, H. Hoekstra, A. Babul and A. Mahdavi
ApJ, 691, 1307 (2009)

The Extended Medium Sensitivity Survey Distant Cluster Sample: X-ray Data and Interpretation of the Luminosity Evolution
J. P. Henry, I. M. Gioia, T. Maccacaro, S. L. Morris, J. T. Stocke and A. Wolter
ApJ, 386, 408 (1992)

Overview of the ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey
J. P. Henry, I. M. Gioia, C. R. Mullis, W. Voges, U. G. Briel, H. Boehringer and J. Huchra
ApJ, 553, L109 (2001)

The ROSAT North Ecliptic Pole Survey: The X-ray Catalog
J. P. Henry, C. R. Mullis, W. Voges, H. Boehringer, U. G. Briel, I. M. Gioia and J. Huchra
ApJS, 162, 304 (2006)

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