Bioastronomy Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstract submission is:

Extended to February 16, 1999, at 5pm HST (GMT - 10 hrs) because of a router problem in Hawaii on 2/15/99.

Abstract submission will be entirely electronic. Abstracts will be limited to 250 words, and will be processed through LateX. Standard latex commands for special symbols will therefore be accepted. After uploading your information to the form you will be given the opportunity to review the output and make necessary changes before submitting the abstract. Please DO NOT resubmit an abstract to make changes, or it will receive a separate abstract number and be considered as a separate abstract. An automatic email acknowledgement will be sent to you after your abstract has been received. Immediately after the deadline the abstracts will be processed to be distributed to the Program Committee, so plan to submit your abstracts well in advance of the deadline in case of any computer network problems. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully, since much of this system will be automated.

IMPORTANT TIPS - Please note that when you cut and paste into the boxes with your mouse on the web, that you MUST correctly position the mouse exactly where you want the text to appear!! Pasted material does not automatically paste into the text where you last left off! If you are not careful, you will get something that looks garbled. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE carefully proofread your submissions before clicking submit. Nearly half of the people submitting abstracts so far are asking me to make changes - and I do NOT have time to hand edit everyone's abstracts!!!! Make sure it is what you want BEFORE submitting!

Note, some people are receiving replies via email where there is a break in the abstract with an "!". This occurs when people paste a single long line into the web window from a word processor, rather than lines broken with carriage returns. According to our systems programmer, this apparent error is not in our abstract database, rather it is your mailer system (or ours) which doesn't like the long lines, and breaks them in the reply to you. This does not require a note to us to "fix" the abstract, since nothing is wrong.

Please Note that dual overhead projectors and two slide projectors will be available for oral presentations. Each poster presentation will have an area 8 x 4 feet (240 x 120 cm) for display.

To enter data and submit your abstract, click here.

Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
Last modified: February 16, 1999