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Manuscripts will be published in the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. We will provide LaTeX macros for manuscript preparation which can be downloaded from this page (available in early July). Papers will be due October 15, 1999. Manuscript lengths will be as follows:

Invited Oral Paper8 pages
Contributed Oral Paper6 pages
Contributed Poster Paper4 pages

At the meeting, in your registration packet, you will receive a copy of the copyright form for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Please turn this form in at the registration desk so that there is no delay in the preparation of the conference Proceedings.

You may obtain all the necessary instructions and LaTeX macros via FTP at the following address:

  • log in as anonymous
  • use your email address as the password
  • cd tex/pasp

    These files may also be accessed via anonymous ftp on a local machine in Hawaii:

  • log in as anonymous
  • use your email address as the password
  • cd INCOMING/bioast
  • bin
  • prompt
  • mget *

    You can either upload the various desired files after you get and read the README file, or you can get the compressed tar file pasp16.tar.Z to bring over everything at once. Be sure to declare binary before its transfer. On a unix system, to recover the data in the tar file:

  • uncompress pasp16.tar.Z
  • tar xvf pasp16.tar

    The files in this directory are as follows:

    README.bioast99 File containing specific instructions for your Conference Proceedings or IAU Symposia - this file should be edited by the editors for each Proceedings.
    README General instructions about latex
    paspconf.doc Fully documented source for the "paspconf" substyle. Contains macro definitions + comments.
    paspconf.sty LaTeX input style file for the "paspconf" substyle. This is the .doc file stripped of comments and unnecessary whitespace.
    paspman.tex The user input guide for the package.
    psample1.tex Minimal sample paper.
    psample2.tex Sample paper with "typical" content and markup.
    sdcpaper.tex Another sample paper.
    Makefile Macros Copyright assignment file from PASP.
    copyright.pdf Copyright assignment file from PASP.
    pasp16.tar Tarfile containing all of the above (except

    Alternate Submission Format

    The ASP Conference series requires that all manuscripts are prepared and submitted in LaTeX. In response to some of you who have requested an alternate submission mechanism, we will allow files to be prepared in MSWord, however, we strongly prefer the LaTex submission, because we will have to convert your file manually. If you submit your manuscript in microsoft word, you will need to also convert it to plain ascii and email this version so we can convert it to LaTeX, and in addition send a paper copy to Guillermo Lemarchand. Guillermo has written up a sample paper showing how to put some of the necessary elements into the paper (i.e. format) to make conversion to LaTeX easy for us. Please follow the style in this example.


    Electronic versions of the paper should be mailed to In the subject line of the email, please enter a code in as follows:

  • For Oral presentations, use the first 2 letters (caps) of the name of the day the presentation is made, followed by the four digits corresponding to the starting time. For example, if a presentation was made on Thursday at 13:15, the subject line would read TH1315.

  • For posters, enter a "P" followed by the poster number as found in the abstract book and on the web.

    and a paper version should be mailed by the October 15 deadline to:

    Guillermo A. Lemarchand
    Center for Advanced Studies
    University of Buenos Aires
    C.C. 8 - Sucursal 25
    1425-Buenos Aires

    Figure Submission

    For large files (e.g. .ps, JPEG, TIF, GIF figures), please do NOT email them to the account above (we will run out of disk space). Instead, upload them directly to our anonymous ftp site, then email us that the transfer has been complete (to

  • log in as anonymous
  • use your email address as the password
  • cd INCOMING/bioast/meech
  • bin
  • prompt
  • mget *

    Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
    Last modified: October 25, 1999