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Below is the block layout of the program topics by day, and in addition a table showing all of the accepted oral and invited talks for the program. The list of accepted posters will be linked to this page shortly.

Date8/1/998/2/998/3/998/4/99 8/5/99 8/6/99
08:30 A New Era in Bioastronomy Planets of the Solar System Evolution of Advanced Life Other Stars, Other Worlds Searching for Extraterrestrial Life
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09:00 " " " " "
09:15 Astronomical Origins of Solar Systems " " " "
09:30 " " " " "
09:45 " " " " "
10:00 " " " " "
10:30 " " " " "
10:45 A New Era in Bioastronomy (contd) Planets of the Solar System (contd) Evolution of Advanced Life (contd) Other Stars, Other Worlds (contd) Searching for Extraterrestrial Life (contd)
11:00 " " " " "
11:15 " " " " "
11:30 " " " " "
11:45 " " " " "
12:00 " " " " "
12:30 " " " " "
12:45 " " " " "
13:00 " " " " "
13:15 " " " " "
13:30 " " " " "
13:45 Primitive Bodies of the Solar System A Living Planet Field Excursions Other Stars, Other Wordls (cont.) Scientific and Cultural Status of Life Detection
14:00 " " " " "
14:15 " " " " "
14:30 " " " " "
14:45 " " " " "
15:15 " " " " "
15:30 Primitive Bodies of the Solar System (cont.) A Living Planet (cont.) " Other Stars, Other Wordls (cont.) Searching for Extraterrestrial Life (cont.)
15:45Arrival and Registration " " " " "
16:00 " " " " "
16:15 " " " " "
16:45 " " " " "
17:00 " " " Posters "
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Below is a listing of the accepted oral and invited papers by session. The abstracts may be retrieved as postscript or pdf files by clicking on the symbol at the front of each line.

Mon 8/2/99 Morning Session A New Era in Bioastronomy
08:30-08:45 Rummel, J. "Welcome/Aloha"
08:45-09:15 ps pdf Morrison, D. "A New Era In Bioastronomy"
Morning Session (cont) Astronomical Origins of Solar Systems
09:15-09:45 ps pdf Lissauer, J. "Planetary Formation: From the Earth-Moon System to Extrasolar Planets"
09:45-10:15 ps pdf Ohishi, Masatoshi "Chemical Evolution Of Molecular Clouds"
10:15-10:45 COFFEE BREAK
10:45-11:00 ps pdf Kokubo, Eiichiro "Formation Of Protoplanets From Planetesimals"
11:00-11:15 ps pdf Boss, Alan "Rapid Giant Planet Formation"
11:15-11:30 ps pdf Wolstenscroft, Ramon "Viability and Detectability of PHytosynthesis on Earth-Life Planets Orbiting Nearby Stars"
11:30-11:45 ps pdf Chaisson, Eric "The Emerging Life Era: A Cosmological Imperative"
11:45-12:15 ps pdf Oro, John "Organic Matter And The Origin Of Life In The Solar System"
12:15-13:45 LUNCH
Afternoon Session Primitive Bodies of the Solar System
13:45-14:00 ps pdf Bernstein, Max "Photochemistry Of Organics In Ice: Extraterrestrial Synthesis of Biotic Molecules"
14:00-14:30 ps pdf Dones, Luke "Kuiper Belt Objects"
14:30-15:00 ps pdf Meech, Karen "Cometary Origin and Evolution"
15:00-15:30 COFFEE BREAK
15:30-16:00 ps pdf Bar-Nun, Akiva "Comets And The Early Earth"
16:00-16:30 ps pdf Bockelee-Morvan, D. "Comet Coma Composition"
16:30-17:00 ps pdf Cruikshank, Dale "Solar System Bodies Of Low Albedo"
17:00-17:15 ps pdf Schwehm, Gerhard "The International Rosetta Mission"
Tue 8/3/99 Morning Session Planets of the Solar System
08:30-08:45 ps pdf Becker, Luann "Fullerenes and the Flux of Extraterrestrial Helium He@C60 to the Earth over Geologic Time"
08:45-09:15 ps pdf Farmer, Jack "Exploring for Martain Life"
09:15-09:45 ps pdf Treiman, A. H. "Getting a Life" Some Implications of the ALH84001 Controversy to Mars Sample Return
09:45-10:15 ps pdf Maurette, Michel "Hydrous-Carbonaceous Micrometeorites on the Early Earth, Moon and Mars"
10:15-10:45 COFFEE BREAK
10:45-11:15 ps pdf Raulin, Francois "Bioastronomical Aspects of Titan and the Giant Planets"
11:15-11:45 ps pdf Head, Jim "Oceans In The Solar System"
11:45-12:15 ps pdf Chela-Flores, Julian "Testing the Drake Equation in the Solar System"
12:15-13:45 LUNCH
Afternoon Session A Living Planet
13:45-14:15 ps pdf Batiza, Rodey "Geophysical Processes at Mid-Ocean Ridges and Hotspots"
14:15-14:45 ps pdf Karl, David "The Search For Life In Extreme And Unusual Environments"
14:45-15:00 ps pdf Van Dover, Cindy "Life And Light At Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents"
15:00-15:30 COFFEE BREAK
15:45-16:00 ps pdf Bass, Deborah "The Composition Of Europa's Triple Bands: Clues For the Chemistry of a Subsurface Ocean"
16:00-16:15 ps pdf Siefert, Janet "An Ecosystem Model For Predicting The Methane Flux Into the Archean Atmosphere"
16:15-16:30 ps pdf Jakosky, Bruce "Philosophical Issues Connected To The Search For Life Elsewhere"
16:30-16:45 ps pdf DeVincenzi, Donald "A Scenario For Handling Returned Mars Samples"
16:45-17:00 ps pdf Race, Margaret "Mars Sample Return: Protecting the Planets, Safeguarding the Science, and Preparing for Public Scrutiny"
Wed 8/4/99 Morning Session Evolution of Advanced Life
08:30-08:45 ps pdf Segre, Daniel "Prebiotic Evolution of Amphiphilic Assemblies far from Equilibrium: From Compositional Information to Sequence-Based Biopolymers"
08:45-09:00 ps pdf Bailey, Jeremy "Circular Polarization And The Origin Of Biomolecular Homochirality"
09:00-09:15 ps pdf Marino, Lori "Turning The Empirical Corner On Fi: The Probability Of Complex Intelligence"
09:15-09:45 ps pdf Raulin, Francois "Origin of Life: ISSOL '99 Overview"
09:45-10:15 ps pdf Des Marias, David "Coevolution Of Our Biosphere And Planet"
10:15-10:45 COFFEE BREAK
10:45-11:15 ps pdf Schopf, William "Earth Probe From A Distant World--How Firmly Linked Is Life to its Planet?"
11:15-12:00 ps pdf Morris, Simon Conway "A Plurality of Worlds, A Plurality of Bodyplans?"
12:15-13:45 LUNCH
Afternoon Session Field Excursions
Thu 8/5/99 Morning Session Other Stars, Other Worlds
08:30-08:45 ps pdf Doyle, Laurence "Extrasolar Planets Around Eclipsing Binaries. I. A Photometric Search Of Baade's Third Window In The Galactic Plane"
08:45-09:00 ps pdf Dunham, Ted "Detection Of Extrasolar Planets Using Spaceborne Transit Photometry"
09:00-09:15 ps pdf Leger, A. "Detection Of Terrestrial Planets By Transits: The COROT Mission"
09:15-09:45 ps pdf Fridlund, M. "The Infrared Space Interferometer DARWIN"
09:45-10:15 ps pdf Woolf, N. "Terrestrial Planet Finder"
10:15-10:45 COFFEE BREAK
10:45-11:15 ps pdf Kasting, J. "Significance Of Atmospheric Methane As An Indicator For Life"
11:15-11:45 ps pdf Marcy, Geoff "Extrasolar Planets"
11:45-12:00 ps pdf Cosmovici, Cristiano "The 22 GHz Water MASER Line: A New Diagnostic Tool For Extrasolar Planet Search"
12:15-13:45 LUNCH
Afternoon Session Other Stars, Other Worlds (contd)
13:45-14:00 ps pdf Smith, Bradford "The Environments Of Nearby Stars As Observed By NICMOS"
14:00-14:30 ps pdf Quirrenbach, Andreas "Astrometry, The Next Step"
14:30-14:45 ps pdf Kurster, Martin "Limits to Planets Around Proxima Centauri From Precise Radial Velocities"
14:45-15:00 ps pdf Heacox, William "On the Nature of Sub-stellar Mass Companions to Solar-Like Stars"
15:00-15:30 COFFEE BREAK
15:30-15:45 ps pdf Desidera, Silvano "Properties of Hypothetic Planetary Systems Around the Brown Dwarf Gliese 229B"
15:45-16:00 ps pdf Rottler, Lee "Extrasolar Planets Around Eclipsing Binaries II: A Photometric Search in the Globular Cluster NGC6752"
16:00-16:15 ps pdf Brown, Timothy "Ground-Based Photometric Searches for Extrasolar Planets"
16:15-16:30 ps pdf Sparks, W. "Detection of Planets with the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys"
16:30-16:45 ps pdf Latham, David "Target Selection for Planet Searches"
Fri 8/6/99 Morning Session Searching for Extraterrestrial Life
08:30-08:45 ps pdf Tarter, Jill "The Square Kilometer Array - An Ideal Tool For Bioastronomy"
08:45-09:00 ps pdf Bowyer, Stuart "Final Results of the Serendip III Search"
09:00-09:15 ps pdf Leigh, Darren "Strategies, Implementation and Results of BETA"
09:15-09:30 ps pdf Dreher, John "The One Hectare Telescope for SETI"
09:30-09:45 ps pdf Lampton, Michael "Optical SETI: The Next Search Frontier"
09:45-10:00 ps pdf Lemarchand, Guillermo "Progress in the Search for Ultra-narrow-band Extraterrestrial Artificial Signals from Argentina"
10:00-10:15 ps pdf Cullers, Kent "Project Phoenix and Beyond"
10:15-10:45 COFFEE BREAK
10:45-11:00 ps pdf Horowitz, Paul "Optical SETI at Harvard-Smithsonian"
11:00-11:15 ps pdf Maccone, Claudio "Recent Progress In Bioastronomy Space Missions"
11:15-11:30 ps pdf Stootman, Frank "The Southern Serendip Project"
11:30-11:45 ps pdf Shuch, H. Paul "Standards of Proof for the Detection of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence"
11:45-12:00 ps pdf Shostak, Seth "Immediate Reaction Plan: A Strategy for Dealing With a SETI Detection"
12:15-13:45 LUNCH
Afternoon Session Scientific and Cultural Status of Life Detection
13:45-14:00 ps pdf Dick, Steven "Cultural Aspects of Astrobiology"
14:00-14:30 ps pdf Billingham, John "Summary of Results of the Seminar on the Cultural Impact of Extraterrestrial Contact"
14:30-15:00 ps pdf Finney, Ben "Consilience in and Through SETI"
15:00-15:30 COFFEE BREAK
Afternoon Session Searching for Extraterrestrial Life (contd.)
15:30-15:45 ps pdf Werthimer, Dan "The Serendip IV Arecibo Sky Survey"
15:45-16:00 ps pdf Anderson, David "Internet Computing for SETI"
16:00-16:15 ps pdf Ross, Monte "The Design of a Dedicated Observatory for Optical SETI"
16:15-16:30 ps pdf Nan, R. "The FAST Project in China"
16:40-16:45 ps pdf Annis, James "An Astrophysical Explanation for the Great Silence"
16:45-17:00 ps pdf Taylor, D. "A Role for Neural Networks in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

Poster Session 1 - 17:00-18:30 2-3 August

Below is a listing of the accepted poster papers by session. The abstracts may be retrieved as postscript or pdf files by clicking on the symbol at the front of each line.

1 ps pdf Tokunaga, Alan "A Laboratory Analog for Carbonaceous Material in the Interstellar Medium"
2 ps pdf Bass, Deborah "A Method For Delivering Prebiotic Molecules to a Planetary Surface: Results From Smashing Rock and Organics at 11.2 km/second"
3 ps pdf Matthews, Clifford "The HCN World: Establishing Protein-Nucleic Acid Life"
4 ps pdf Flynn, George "Organic Carbon In Interplanetary Dust Particles"
5 ps pdf Khare, Bishun "Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Cometary Ice Tholins and the Optical Constants of Cometary Ice Tholins"
6 ps pdf Dworkin, Jason "Synthesis Of Large Molecules In Cometary Ice Analogs: Physical Properties Related To Self-assembly Processes"
7 ps pdf Podolak, Morris "Conditions For The Production Of Liquid Water In Comet Nuclei"
8 ps pdf Fox, Rebecca "Unidentified Molecular Bands In The Plasma Tail Of Comet Hyakutake"
9 ps pdf Pendleton, Yvonne "Observational and Laboratory Comparisons of Interstellar Organic Matter"
10 ps pdf A'Hearn, Michael "Deep Impact -- Exploring the Interior of a Comet"
11 ps pdf Menard, Francois "High Circular Polarisation In The Star Formation Regions NGC 6334: Implication For Biomolecular Homochirality"
12 ps pdf Wolstencroft, Ramon "Astronomical Sources of Circular Polarization and the Origin of Chirality"
13 ps pdf Schulze-Makuch "Microbial And Chemical Characterization Of Geothermal Ground Water at Three Sites In The Desert Southwest Of North America"
14 ps pdf Santini, Francesco "The Significance of Non-light Based Ecosystems in the Search for Life"
15 ps pdf Hanser, Sean "Quantification of Animal Communication Complexity Using Information Theory I. An Inter-species Comparison of Signaling Systems"
16 ps pdf Schwartzman, David "Biospheric Cooling and the Emergence of Intelligence"
17 ps pdf Diederich, Joachim "Symbol Systems and Pictorial Representations"
18 ps pdf Jugaku, Jun "A Search for Dyson Spheres Around Late-type Stars in the Solar Neighborhood. III"
19 ps pdf Watkins, Russell "Monophyletic Origin of the Metazoan Nervous System"
20 ps pdf Simakov, Michael "Dinitrogen As A Possible Biomarker For Exobiology: A Case of Titan"
21 ps pdf Ksanfomality, L. "Life Traces Using Holography"
22 ps pdf Ksanfomality, L. "The Extinct Life on Mars: Looking for Viruses Instead of Bacteria Traces"<
23 ps pdf Storrie-Lombardi "Development of a Multi-Wavelength Ultraviolet Resonance Raman Spectrometer for Extraterrestrial Geobiology"
24 ps pdf Tsapin, A. I. "Application of Computer Tomography (CT) for Search of Life in Extreme Environments"
25 ps pdf McDonald, Gene "Identification of Candidate Extraterrestrial Organic Biomarkers"
26 ps pdf Vergne, J. "Copper-Adenine Complex Catalyst For Oxygen Production From H2O2 During Early Biochemical Evolution"
27 ps pdf Seckbach, Joseph "Microbial Diversity And Extremophilic Microorganisms"
28 ps pdf Herczeg, Tibor "The Idea of the Habitability of the Moon"
29 ps pdf Heath, Martin "Extrasolar Planetary Complex Biosphere Organization As Exemplified by Earth-type Forest Ecosystems"
30 ps pdf Tsapin, A. I. "Fe (VI) as a Possible Oxidant on the Martian Surface"
31 ps pdf Rizzoti, Martino "Evolution and Cellular Complexification"
32 ps pdf Terrile, Richard "The Outer Planets/Solar Probe Project: Opportunities for Bioastronomy"

Poster Session 2 - 17:00-18:30 4-5 August

33 ps pdf Mardon, Austin "Cultural Diffusion Of SETI"
34 ps pdf Vakoch, Douglas "Three-Dimensional Messages for Interstellar Communication"
35 ps pdf Bouchy, F. "EMILIE: A New Spectrograph for Precise Doppler Studies"
36 ps pdf VikramSingh, Rajendra "Direct Observation of Extrasolar Planetary Spectra"
37 ps pdf Bradbury, Robert "Dyson Shell Supercomputers As The Dominant ``Life Form'' in Galaxies"
38 ps pdf Hanson, Robin "Burning The Cosmic Commons: Evolutionary Strategies For Interstellar Colonization"
39 ps pdf Kompanichenko, Vladimir "The Global Cycle of Human Civilization: Perspectives for SETI Program"
40 ps pdf Diederich, Joachim "The Conversion Of Intelligences"
41 ps pdf Porto de Mello, Gustavo "A Survey of Solar Twin Stars Within 50 Parsecs of the Sun"
42 ps pdf Balazs, Bela "SETI And The Galactic Belt Of Intelligent Life"
43 ps pdf Lineweaver, Charles "Cosmological Constraints on the Evolution of Life"
44 ps pdf Bhathal, Ragbir "Australian Optical SETI Project"
45 ps pdf Ascheri, Valeria "A Methodological Approach to Communicate with Extraterrestrials"
46 ps pdf Morais, Antonio "Detection Of Extra-Solar Planets By Computational Convexity"
47 ps pdf Leger, A. "Planetary Transit Or Stellar Activity Mimic?"
48 ps pdf Liou J.-C. "Planet Detections From Circumstellar Dust Disks: from Kuiper Belt Dust Disk to Epsilon Eridani"
49 ps pdf Montebugnoli, Stelio "-Setitalia- Seti In Italy"
50 ps pdf Maybour, Darren "Preliminary Results From The Southern Serendip Project"
51 ps pdf De Horta, Ain "New Developments In The Southern Serendip Project"
52 ps pdf Cobb, J. "SERENDIP IV: Data Acquisition, Reduction, And Analysis"
53 ps pdf Von Hippel, Ted "Applying Parallel Network Techniques to SETI"
54 ps pdf Tough, Allen "Eleven Strategies For Detecting Intelligence"
55 ps pdf Musso, Paolo "The Problem Of SETI Language. Is Mathematics Really Universal?"
56 ps pdf Ross, Monte "Search Strategy for Detection of SETI Short Pulse Laser Signals"
57 ps pdf Monari, J. "SALVE- Software Aimed At Off Line Verification Eti- Software for Serendip IV Data"
58 ps pdf Tamburini, Fabrizio "Transmission Protocol for an EPR System at Polarization States"
59 ps pdf Djorgovski, George "Prospects for SETI in the Context of a Virtual Observatory"
60 ps pdf Coustenis, Athena "Search for Spectroscopic Signatures of the Evaporated Atmosphere of 51 Peg B In The Near Infrared"
61 ps pdf Tarter, Jill "Voyages Through Time"
62 ps pdf Vozzo, Les "The Search For Life in the Universe as a Context for Developing Education Curriculum Material for Science Teachers in Australia"
63 ps pdf Airieau, Sabine "An Undergraduate Bioastronomy Class"
64 ps pdf Schultz, Greg "Astrobiology Education and Outreach: New Interdisciplinary Initiatives with Undergraduate GE and an 'Astrobiology Society'"
65 ps pdf Berry, Dana "The Arrow Of Time: The Movie"
66 ps pdf Meech, Karen "A Pacific Teacher Enhancement Program - Toward Other Planetary Systems"
67 ps pdf Theison, Dave "'The Mars Room': A Campus-wide Bioastronomy Project"

For questions and comments about the program, please contact either John Rummel at
Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
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