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Online registration is no longer available. Please register at the hotel at the meeting.

To Register online, click on the link below. You can either submit all your registration information online, including credit card payment, or you can print out a form to fax to our registration support staff. We have made an effort to encrypt and protect your credit card information. However, security can always be breached. If you are concerned about internet security, please register by phone or fax rather than by web. (See the information on the form for instructions on how to do this). Registrations will be confirmed by email once received by our computer system, and then via email or fax once received at Hawaiian Dream Destinations.

After receipt of the registration information on our secure web server, we will download the information to Hawaiian Dream Destinations on an approximately weekly basis, at which point your credit card will be charged. Once charged, you will receive a confirmation directly from HDD.


  • If you wish to make changes after submission, please contact Hawaii Dream Destinations at (800) 282-7200, or (808) 325-0304 (fax), or - do not send the local chair the corrections.

  • Please be careful when filling out the form to do it accurately. Many people are making the mistake of signing up for lunches when it is not necessary! Lunches are included in the registration fee for regular and student registrations. Only guests and press need to sign up and pay separately for lunches.

  • Remember, the deadline for getting the lower registration rates is June 15, 1999

    Online registration is no longer available.

    Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
    Last modified: July 28, 1999