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We are offering 2 scientific tours: An inside tour of Mauna Kea and a scientific Volcano Tour. The Mauna Kea tours will be offered Tues 8/3, Wed 8/4 (2 tours) and Thurs 8/5 in the afternoons (1-6pm) and each tour will be limited to 14 people. The scientific volcano tour will be held prior to the meeting, from Friday 7/30 to Sun 8/1 (2 days, 2 nights) and will be limited to 28 people.

In addition, we will have the services of a destination management company - Hawaii Dream Destinations, to handle other tours and accompanying persons requests (e.g. scuba, helicopter tours, horseback riding, boating, stargazing, airport transfers etc.).

Scientific Volcano Tour

  • Host: Dr. Jeff Taylor
  • Cost: $280 per person, single or double occupancy
  • Dates: July 30 - Aug 1
  • Limit: 28 people

    This tour is targeted at those meeting participants who want to understand a bit about the geology and history of the Hawaiian volcanos and how they relate to volcanism in the solar system. In order to keep costs down, tour participants will take turns driving rental cars (which we will provide), and accommodations will be modest, but comfortable. Expect lots of hiking and a variety of scenery and climates. Although the Kileaua volcano has been continuously active for many years, we cannot predict the level of activity at the time of the tour, nor the likelihood of seeing surface flows, however, we will make an excursion to the site where the lava is entering the ocean.


    Sign up will be first-come, first-served, and a position will only be guaranteed upon receipt of payment. Please sign up for the tour on the meeting registration form. This trip will focus on the scientific details, however, for those wishing to see Kilauea in a more leisurely way from a tourist viewpoint yet still learn about the volcano, one can arrange for tours through Hawaiian Dream Destinations. (Note, Volcano park is 96 miles from Kona, or about 123 miles from the hotel).

    The accommodations will be at the Kalani Honua oceanside retreat near the village of Kalapana which was destroyed by the volcanic flow from Kilaeua several years ago. The retreat is located near spectacular volcanic black sand beaches frequented by dolphins. Accommodations will be in single or double rooms in the lodges (some will have shared baths, others will have private baths). The retreat serves primarily vegetarian cuisine (which is both excellent and abundant!). Dining is in an outdoor area, so bringing along mosquito repellant is a good idea, as this location is jungle. The retreat runs off generator power, and the electricity is turned off at 11pm, so bringing a flashlight is a must. The retreat spa facilities offer a 25 meter pool, a sauna, 2 jacuzzis and massage services ($65 / hour). Thermal springs, norkeling and tide pools are nearby.

    There will be considerable hiking involved, with the hike to the ocean being over pahoehoe lava. Good hiking boots are recommended, and people should be in reasonably good physical condition (with one 4 hour hike anticipated). The elevation ranges between sea level and 4000 feet, so participants should expect temperature changes (from cool and misty to hot). Participants are requested to bring rain gear (raincoat or poncho), a canteen, sunscreen a hat and flashlights for the night excursion.

    Scientific Tour of Mauna Kea

  • Host: Dr. Alan Tokunaga
  • Cost: $80 per person
  • Dates: Tues 8/3, Wed 8/4 (2 tours), Thurs 8/5
  • Limit: 14 people per tour

    This tour is targeted at those meeting participants who want get an inside tour of some of the telescope facilities on Mauna Kea. Transportation will be provided by Paradise Safaris, who will be helping to sponsor the event. The cost will include warm jackets for the summit, and a light snack. The participants will visit the mid-level facilities and the summit, stopping at the Keck and NASA Infrared Telescope Facilities.


    The Thursday tour schedule will run 30 min earlier so as not to conflict too much with the banquet.

    Karen Meech, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
    Last modified: February 22, 1999