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All images taken by Roy Gal. Please contact me (rgal at ifa dot hawaii dot edu) if you would like to use any of them.

Nearby Galaxies
Telescopes & Instruments
Hale-Bopp images from the Palomar 60"

Nearby Galaxies

Here are some images of nearby galaxies taken with the Palomar 60" telescope, in typically poor seeing (2" or worse), non-photometric conditions. Exposures are 5 or 10 minutes in the Gunn g and r filters.

NGC 6764 g,r

NGC 6796 g,r

NGC 6824 g,r

NGC 6946 g,r

NGC 6764 g,r

Telescopes & Instruments

Mauna Kea:
Gemini North, with airflow shutters open.
UKIRT open at twilight.
CFHT and Gemini North at sunset.
CFHT colored pink by the setting sun.
The Gemini North dome reflect the setting sun.
Panorama of Mauna Kea at sunset.
A crescent moon at sunset.
The shadow of Mauna Kea looms.
Toursists gawk as the sun sets, Mauna Kea.
Sunset over millimeter valley, Mauna Kea.
Subaru, Keck 1 and 2, and IRTF at sunset.
The sun glints off the interior of Subaru.
The monastery (dorm) at Palomar.
The venerable 200-inch dome at Palomar.
The Palomar 200-inch telescope.
Sunset reflects off the Palomar 200-inch dome.
View from the catwalk of the Palomar 200-inch dome.
Looking out over PTI.
Kitt Peak:
The 4m Mayall at Kitt Peak.
The Mayall dome.
Kitt Peak at dusk.
The McMath Solar Telescope.
McMath and the moon.
Kitt Peak Panorama at dusk.
View from the 4m.
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Updated 25 June 1997