The Palomar Abell Cluster Optical Survey

Project Summary

The Palomar Abell Cluster Optical Survey (PACOS) is a CCD imaging survey of ~500 Abell clusters in the northern sky. The data are taken to provide photometric calibration for DPOSS. Imaging is done at the Palomar Observatory 60" telescope in the Gunn g,r,i filters. Most data is complete to r=21.5. This data is being used for a number of other purposes as well. Photometric redshifts are generated for all the clusters (see paper I above). We have also studied the Butcher-Oemler effect (see Paper II), and later papers will measure luminosity functions, study intracluster light, the color-magnitude relation, the Binggeli effect, and galaxy morphology. Bringing in data from other wavelengths, most notably X--ray and radio, we will examine cluster $M/L$ ratios, morphologies, cooling flows, the cluster fundamental plane, and radio properties of elliptical galaxies. Each paper will focus on a specific study of this vast statistical sample. Finally, the entire CCD data set (images as well as catalogs) will be released to the astronomical community.

Update 21 February 2001